Michigan Loving their Teams | Loving to Gamble

The city of Detroit is enough in and of itself to be a gambling Mecca. This city is ripe with gamblers that love to bet on the Pistons, the Tigers, the Red Wings, and the Lions. If that’s not enough, what about Michigan Fans, or Michigan State fans. Were not talking about just any old run-of-the-mill teams here. No, these are sports organizations and Universities that have a rich history of winning and with big names such as Harbaugh, Johnson, Thomas, Brady, and many more.

  • Michigan is the tenth most populated state in the US at 9,995,915. The average household income in the state of Michigan is $69,664 a year. What Michigan offers is hard-working people with money, and they want to spend it. They want to spend it because they want to double it! They think they can do so by betting against you, the bookie. It’s your job to make them feel at home in your online sportsbook. The more they like it, the more they spend and the more they spend the likelier they are to lose it.
  • Bookies: You must have an online presence and the best way to do so is with the help of a pay per head. The pay per head industry is taking off in Michigan and bookies everywhere are finding this forum to be the best, quickest, and easiest way to have an online, one-stop-shopping gambling hall.
  • With all due-respect to corner bookies, they have no idea what it means to offer customer service. If you want to impress and keep the client coming back for more, then you had better offer them what the “big boys” of the online are offering.
  • You must have a toll-free number your clients can call and either phone in a bet at any time of day or night as well as phone-in with any questions concerning their accounts.
  • A pay per head is the bookie. It’s software that’s programmed to take care of the players just as if you were sitting behind a wall and taking their bets in person.
  • The pay per head does everything for you including accounting, lines and odds, player and financial reports, writing bet slips, grading bets slips, setting the daily sporting events, offering futures odds, live lines, proposition wagers, and much more.
  • The pay per head doffers a casino, racebook, and sportsbook rolled into one package and the best of the best PPH providers charge s little as $7 per head and on up to $10 per head.
  • If you are a bookie that’s tired of the rat race and you just want to find more clients, then a pay per head is the way to go. For $10 per week, per betting head, how can anyone go wrong?
  • The best PPH providers are now offering their services with a free trial that’s good for up to a month and even longer.

The Casino—

  • You cannot afford to miss out on the action of an online casino. They are now offering fantastic Las Vegas-style slots with all the action of live dealers including blackjack, Multihand Blackjack, Baccarat and much more. The casino is your bread and butter and it will always make you a profit and usually a very good margin of profit. The sportsbook is not always a cash cow and there are times when you can expect to be beaten. The casino makes up for the loss.
  • The racebook is another entity that you can’t afford to be without. Horse bettors are the most loyal bettors in the entire casino – they spend all day in the book and although they may not spend much on a single bet, they certainly spend a lot over the course of a day. You must have a racebook that offers 70+ world-class tracks, and you must pay track odds.

The high season for sports gamblers is quickly approaching and now is the time to make the most of a free trial offer. The best PPH providers on the web are offering 4-weeks free, but the kicker and even better deal is the idea that it’s a “real” trial offer. You get full service for free. Try it, make sure you like it and then start making a killing. Cal the best PPH provider today.