MLB Season Ending

The 2022 MLB season has come to a close, and the top 12 teams in the league are now set to battle it out for the right to win the World Series. There were some interesting storylines entering the 2022 season, but what took place was even better than expected.

This season saw some players accomplish historic feats, and longtime records were shattered. There wasn’t a ton of drama when it came to the playoff races, but there was one division title that was decided on the final day.

Betting on baseball carried sportsbooks during the summer months, and new betting options were introduced this year as well. Major League Baseball can only hope that the playoffs are as exciting as the regular season was.

Great AL MVP Race

Regular-season player awards always seem to generate a ton of debate when it comes to MLB, but it’s hard to imagine a year when the MVP decision in the American League is going to be more difficult.

It’s a two-player race between Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees and Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels. Both players seemed to keep doing things to put themselves at the top of the list, and that continued throughout the final day.

Aaron Judge belted 62 home runs this season to become the AL home run king, and he also nearly won the Triple Crown. Ohtani was able to pitch 162 innings this year, and he was among the league leaders in both pitching and hitting stats.

There will be other player awards that are hard to pick, but both Judge and Ohtani were more than deserving of the AL MVP Award this season.

Pujols Gets to 700

Albert Pujols returned to the St. Louis Cardinals this season and most believed that he would just be a spot starter off the bench. That might have been the case to begin the season, but Pujols became one of the best hitters in baseball over the final few months.

Pujols was able to join the 700 home club after belting a home run in Los Angeles to become just the fourth player in MLB history to get to that mark. It was an entire season filled with memorable moments for the Cardinals as catcher Yadier Molina, and pitcher Adam Wainwright set a new record for most starts by a duo.

Braves Catch Mets, AL East Rolls

The New York Mets jumped out to a 10.5-game lead in the NL East Division this year as the Atlanta Braves got off to a slow start. Atlanta came into the season looking to defend their World Series title.

It took all 162 games this season, but the Braves were finally able to catch the Mets and win the division title. Atlanta heads into the playoffs as the number two seed in the National League.

The AL East Division was by far the best in baseball this season, as they landed three teams in the playoffs. It was the New York Yankees that won the division title, but the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays made the playoffs as Wild Card teams.