New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a team that competes in the National Football League as a member of the AFC East. The Patriots have been around since the 1960 season, in which they played in the American Football League until the merger in 1970. The Patriots are one of the most iconic teams in the league, due in large part to their success, but also their Boston area roots. The Patriots have a ton of history, and some many do not know about.

Gillette Stadium is the Home of the Patriots

Located in Foxborough Massachusetts, which si 22 miles from Boston – Gillette Stadium is the home of the New England Patriots. The stadium holds nearly 66,000 fans, with nearly 6,000 club seats. The stadium broke ground back in 2000, and it opened then in 2022. It took roughly $325M to complete the construction.

Not only do the Patriots play there, but so do the New England Revolution, out of the MLS. Gillette Stadium has provided plenty of great moments, including concerts of all the greatest musicians, along with Premier Lacross League, Major League Lacrosse, MLS Cup, International Soccer Friendlies, College Football and a ton of great postseason games in the National Football League. The stadium is set to host several matches during the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Before the team moved to Gillette Stadium, the team was at Foxboro Stadium from 1971-2001. Before that, several places were the home of the Patriots. It started with Nickerson Field in 1960, and moved to Fenway Park for the 1963-1968 seasons. Alumni Stadium and Harvard Stadium had back to back seasons as the home of the Patriots before the move to Foxboro Stadium in 1971.

Why the Patriots? And Who are They?

Billy Sullivan was awarded the franchise for Boston in the late 1960’s. Sullivan allowed locals to submit ideas for the franchise team name. It was a very popular choice that the Boston Patriots would be the choice. Patriots refer to the 13 colonies back in the American Revolution of 1776. In March of 1971 the team would officially move to the New England Patriots, after asking the NFL if they could be called the “Bay State” Patriots. The league turned that name down.

Some of the nicknames the Patriots have include the Pats, the Evil Empire, and the tight end corp from 2010 was known as the Boston TE Party. Finally, the defensive linebacker corp during the 2019 season were known as the Boogeymen.

Historical Records for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are chalk full of records within their franchise. Tom Brady being the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player four times comes to mind. Also, Brady being a three-time Most Valuable Player is another that comes to mind. Brady remains the single-season record for passing yards in a 17-game season with over 5,200 in a season. He also threw for 50 touchdowns in a whole separate season. Brady also has records too, like most passing yards, competitions and touchdowns with a single team.

Randy Moss, back in 2007, set the NFL record for most receiving touchdowns in a single season, with 23. Stephen Gostkowski is in the record book for kickers. The stud kicker recorded over 1,770 total points from 2006-2019 as a kicker.

Those are just a few. The Patriots have a good chunk of records, with their success on the field. We haven’t even gotten to their head coach Bill Belichick and the records he holds.

Super Bowl Titles for New England

The New England Patriots have won 6 Super Bowl titles, and been to the Super Bowl 5 other teams to come up short. That’s quite the history of success spanning from 1985 – 2018. Not only do the Patriots have 11 trips to the Super Bowl, 22 times they have won the AFC East, and 28 times they have made the postseason.

The first Super Bowl title for the New England Patriots came in New Orleans. It was February 3rd of 2022, and the win was over the St. Louis Rams. The Rams scored the first three points of the game, but New England cruised from there to win 20-17. It was the first Super Bowl title for head coach Bill Belichick.

After taking one season off, the Patriots were back in the Super Bowl for XXXVIII in 2004. This time it was held in Houston. This is also known as the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” game. On the field, it was a thriller as Adam Vinatieri nailed a 41-yard field goal with just four seconds to go to win the game. The fourth quarter set a record as the two teams combined for 37 points. It was also Tom Brady’s second Super Bowl MVP award.

The very next season, the Patriots went to Jacksonville, and played a tight one against the Philadelphia Eagles and repeated as Super Bowl Champions. The game was close throughout, 14-14 at the end of three, as the Patriots scored 10 straight and held on to win the game 24-21. This season Deion Branch was named the Super Bowl MVP, as he finished with 133 yards and a Super Bowl record 11 receptions.

It was wild, but it happened. The Patriots then went 10 seasons without winning another. 2014 was the start of the next batch of three titles. In 2014, at Super Bowl XLIV, in front of 70,288 fans, the Patriots came away with a 28-24 win over Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots trailed 24-14 after three quarters only to score the final 14 points and take down the win in Glendale, Arizona.

Another year was off, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were back in the Super Bowl. The Patriots and Falcons played the Super Bowl in front of 70,807 fans in Houston, and it was one of the most wild Super Bowl’s of all time. The Falcons led this game 28-3 midway through three quarters, only to see the Patriots tie the game at 28 at the end of regulation, and win the game in overtime. Tom Brady was named Super Bowl MVP for the fourth time in this one. This game is known as the 9th greatest game of all time, and fourth among Super Bowl’s.

Finally, the sixth time the Patriots won the Super Bowl – LII. Another time where they took a year off, and then got back at it. The final one was a low-scoring affair, as the Patriots took down the Rams again. This time it was the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams were led by 33-year-old head coach Sean McVay, but they could not figure out the Patriots defense. This game was tied at 3 before New England scored 10 fourth-quarter points and won the game. Julian Edelman caught 10 passes for 141 yards and was named the Super Bowl MVP.

The Patriots lost in the Super Bowl came in the following seasons, 1985, 1996, 2007, 2011, and 2017.

Famous Quarterbacks for the New England Patriots

This list has to start and stop with Tom Brady. Brady made 283 starts with the Patriots and won 219 games. Brady threw for 541 touchdowns, with 179 interceptions in his career. The second most starts under center for New England came from Steve Grogan from 1975-1990. Grogran made 135 starts, and won 75 of them.

Drew Bledsoe had a nice career right before Tom Brady, but could never put New England over the top. Bledsoe finished his career with 166 career touchdowns and 138 interceptions. Some other names at the top of the quarterback list for New England include Babe Parilli, Jim Plunkett, and Tony Eason. Heading into the 2023 season, Mac Jones had made 31 starts, and won 16 games for the Patriots.

New England Patriots Hall of Famers

The Patriots currently have 12 individuals that were with the team at one point, and are now in the Hall of Fame. 10 of them are players, and 2 are coaches. 6 of the guys made their primary contribution to New England. The guys that are known as New England Patriots are as follows:

Nick Buoiconti, linebacker, was inducted in 2001. He played with the Patriots before the NFL merger from 1962-1968. Guard John Hanna was inducted in 1991. He played from 1973-1985 with New England. Mike Haynes was inducted in 1997, after playing 1976-1982. Andre Tippett was inducted in 2008, as a former Linebacker for the Patriots from 1982-1993. More recently, Ty Law was inducted in 2019, and Richard Seymour in 2022. Law was a cornerback in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s, and Seymour played defensive end from 201-2008.

The four players that played some or a little with the Patriots, but primarily with another team, include Curtis Martin, Randy Moss, Darrelle Revis, and Junior Seau. Revis played one season with the Patriots in 2014. The other guys played at least three seasons with the Patriots.

Bill Parcells was with the team from 1993-1996, as the head coach, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.

Final New England Patriots Tidbits

The Patriots official mascot is known as Pat Patriot, who is a revolutionary minuteman that has been with the team since 1995. The team employs a group known as the End Zone Militia, which is shown as the 9th Massachusetts Regiment. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” is the unofficial theme song for the Patriots at home games. New England has been involved with several “conspiracies” in the NFL including the Snowplow game of 1982, Spygate during the 2007 season, and also deflate gate of 2015.