New Jersey | The Father of Gambling

New Jersey is a state filled to the brim with gambling action from Atlantic City to New York City, the people of New Jersey love to gamble and they love it all. The first casino to open its doors outside of Nevada was Resorts Casino Hotel. They opened in 1978 after a failed attempt to legalize gambling in 1974. New Jersey’s gambling scene certainly isn’t as old as Nevada’s, but don’t underestimate the fact that New Jersey resident love the action and they are thrilled to be the first state to legalize sports betting. SCOTUS recently overturned the “Gambling Act” of the early ’90s and paved the way for all 50-states to legalize sports gambling. In turn, this affords the online gamble the same benefits. We all know that nobody was ever arrested for online gambling but now we can rest assured that nobody ever will be in the future.

How does this help bookies?

  • Both Nevada and New Jersey have been nervous about the onset of legalized gambling in all of the 50 states, especially Nevada. They stand to lose a lot of money especially in the form of football betting. New Jersey, on the other hand, sees this a bit differently, now they can finally offer sports gambling.
  • New Jersey has been a hotbed for online sports gambling for years and with good cause – where there is casino gambling, there is sports gambling. It may not have been legal in the past but it’s up and running full-swing now.
  • Online bookies have little to fear as this simply opens the door for them even wider. There is one very big catch to brick and mortar sports gambling in New Jersey and most of the states now offing its services; taxes. Gamblers are getting hit hard with a bet tax and although they get paid the minute they win, (they can walk up to the window and cash in) they pay a heavy tax on their winnings.
  • Online bookies have never charged a tax and players know this. Sharp players have more than one sportsbook and they will certainly have a few in the hip pocket now.
  • Bookies are much better off now that gambling is legal in New Jersey. It’s a great sell and it is working. As mentioned, folks from New Jersey love to gamble and now they have the license to do so.

Bookies looking to Pay Per Heads—

  • Bookies realize the urgency of meeting clients demands and they are doing whatever they can to reel in the business. Pay per head providers are now offering their service with a 30-day free trial and it’s selling.
  • The pay per heads providers supply bookie software for those that want to take their business to the next level with an online presence. The process is quick, easy and there is nothing to do. Bookies now have the time to recruit players.
  • The pay per head is an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino, combined as one package. They literally do everything for the bookie and there is no software to download, no programming skills needed and no website building experience necessary.
  • The pay per headset the daily lines and odds, they set all of the days sporting events and best of all, the bookie gets a .com address and online within a day. The bookie can be up and running from sign-up.
  • Bookies have realized that two very important things sell and sell big – the casino and racebook. Sports bettors love to bet on everything, and they are impatient people. They want action and if you want in on that action, a casino is the best way to go for guaranteed money.
  • There are many bookies spread across the state of New Jersey but are they reputable, do they pay when they lose and do, they offer what the online casinos do?
  • Players need bookies, they are in short supply. Bookies need to step up to the plate and heed the call to action.

No matter where you come from whether it’s Trenton or the suburbs of New York, there are always gamblers and now with a pay per head, you have the controls. Find that great free trial and you will realize how much you enjoy your job again.