Next Level Business Results With Professional Bookie Services

The sports betting industry in the US and on a global scale is about as hot as it gets right now. The prospect for accelerated growth rates in the coming years remain excellent. More and more sports fans are turning to bookmaking services to add even more excitement to their favorite sports and sporting events.

The current business environment in the sports betting industry has created a highly lucrative business opportunity for anyone interested in running and managing a private bookie business. The starting point is a few active bettors, enough cash on hand to cover a few weeks of action and easy access to the proper professional bookie services.

While you have to provide the first two items on this list, there are any number of quality choices when it comes to professional bookie services.

Pay Per Head Bookie Services Plans

The pay per head bookie software solutions industry has roots that go back more than two decades when the first offshore commercial sportsbooks started offering their bookmaking services online.

The primary role of a pay per head site is to provide the necessary means to fully automate a bookie business while operating it online. This gives you the ability to take your bookmaking operation offshore to shield it from any domestic intervention on US soil. It also gives you the ability to level the playing field against the big commercial books you still have to compete against.

The best way to think of pay per head bookies services is only paying for what you use. The right weekly plan can provide everything you need to run and manage a successful private bookie business online. The cost is a low weekly fee charged for each active bettor you are working with. In many cases, this works out to be around $10 per head.

A professional pay per head bookie plan should be comprehensive in nature. This means that you should not have to deal with any added costs or hidden fees for the basic tools needed to run and manage your business on a day-to-day basis.

This PPH plan should also be turnkey in its application. This gives you the ability to start booking bets online the same day you sign on for these bookie services.

The Pay Per Head Business Support Team

The best pay per head providers offer a dedicated account manager that can walk you through the start-up process. They can also act as a key point of contact for any follow-up questions or issues you may face.

Professional business support also includes access to the in-house IT staff. This mainly pertains to creating an online business presence that can turn into your most effective tool for growing and expanding your betting base. Base plans provide a standard business website design that can be customized to reflect your individual tastes and personality.

Upgraded IT services can be employed to build a custom business website from the ground up at a much lower cost than trying to accomplish this on your own.

Another aspect of your business support team is a trained and knowledgeable customer service staff. They work with you as the bookie agent as well as with your betting base when it comes to individual online betting accounts. This can be another powerful marketing tool for attracting prospective betting customers to the bookmaking services you offer.