NFL Playoffs Pool – Run it for your players

The Super Bowl is around the corner and the best way to keep your players on the edge of their seat will be to try to take out their competitiveness to see who gets bragging rights against each other with a sports pool. With our software, you can create one for a specific prize or the money collected from the pool. Here’s a brief explanation on how to do it.

  1. Go to Pools -> Create Pool -> Click on Bracket

2. Brackets Pool: Click on NFL Playoffs that is already set up

3. Select Prize mode: You can choose Fixed, Pool Amount or a Custom option

Fixed will be determined by the agent as prize money.

Pool amount will be the money collected from the entries.

Custom prize could be something given by you.

4. Customize your pool : Set up rules, decide if the player can buy entries, max amount of entries and when to start from the Wild Card weekend, Divisional Round, or Conference Round, points to accumulate per round, etc.

Finalize by clicking on Save when done.

5. Once the pool is created, invite your audience. Simply add the entries that you wish to give away depending on if you are charging for the pool or doing it as an incentive to keep your players engaged and excited.

6. Communicate the pool through a notification to your players. This is found in the drop-down menu from the agent site. Click on Compose notification and notify the players that you wish about the pool you are running so they are up to speed.