NFL Season Update

The 2022 NFL season is through 12 weeks, and that means that there are just six weeks remaining in the regular season. The playoff push has started to ramp up, and there are plenty of playoff races that are going to be exciting to follow.

This has been one of the strangest NFL seasons in recent memory, as it’s hard to figure out which teams are going to make the postseason. It doesn’t feel as if there is just one dominant team, but you could argue that about 10 teams are really good.

The Super Bowl in 2023 is set to take place in Glendale, Arizona and several teams feel as if they are going to be in the final game. There is also a reason to doubt every team in the league, and no one will be buying Super Bowl tickets yet.

No Undefeated Teams

Once again, this NFL season is without an undefeated team, as the 1972 Miami Dolphins record remains unmatched. The Philadelphia Eagles looked as if they were going to challenge that this season as they got off to a great start and then had a favorable schedule.

The Eagles are now sitting at 9-1 through the first 10 games, and that has them on top of the NFC. Minnesota has gone 8-2 through the first 10 games, and the Vikings are going to keep the pressure on for the best record in the NFC.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the best record in the AFC at 8-2, and then there are four teams with a 7-3 record behind them.

East Divisions are Loaded

Before even talking about the standings in the AFC and NFC East Divisions, here is a look at where things stand through 12 weeks. In the AFC East, it looks like this:
●Miami Dolphins 7-3
●Buffalo Bills 7-3
●New England Patriots 6-4
●New York Jets 6-4

The standings in the NFC East are just as impressive, and just as crowded:
●Philadelphia Eagles 9-1
●Dallas Cowboys 7-3
●New York Jets 7-3
●Washington Commanders 6-5

All eight of those teams are still in the playoff mix, and any of that group could end up reaching the postseason. With so many divisional games left on the schedule, this is going to create a ton of drama and excitement over the last few weeks.

Great Teams Struggling

A quick look at the standings will show you that there are some preseason Super Bowl contenders that have struggled. There is still time for these teams to turn things around and get going, but they are also starting to run out of time.

The Los Angeles Rams entered the season as the defending Super Bowl champions, and they looked primed to have another big year. Los Angeles entered Week 12 at 3-7 and were in last place in the NFC West.

The Green Bay Packers are another good team that is struggling, as they have gone just 4-7 through their first 11 games. Green Bay is four games out of first place in the NFC North, a division they have dominated in the past.