Off-season NFL Betting Dollars with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The NFL is still king when it comes to betting on sports. Just because the new season of games is still over four months away does not mean that your private bookie business cannot prosper from the NFL during the off-season. Once the annual draft is in the books, a wide array of betting props and futures can help attract some action to your independent sportsbook well in advance of opening day.


Betting on NFL props and futures has become big business for the top offshore sportsbooks taking action online. With the help of a quality Pay Per Head site providing all your online sports betting software needs, you can quickly and easily level the playing field with even the biggest online books by building out your off-season NFL betting board.

As a private bookie trying to build and grow your sports betting clientele, you cannot afford to have even one of your betting customers turning elsewhere to place a bet on something that was not on your board. Football fans love to bet on futures for their favorite team to win a division title, conference crown and Super Bowl Championship. For most of the 32 teams on the board, the odds are stacked in your favor. Only one team can win to set up a golden opportunity for a large end-of- the-season payout on all the teams that lost.


Betting on props is also big business these days and your price per head shop can set you up with an entire board of these types of bets to help generate interest in your independent sportsbook long before the new NFL season gets underway.

Building out your NFL betting board with futures and props is just the first step of the process. You then need to work closely with your PPH service to promote these added NFL betting opportunities to your current sports betting customer base as well as to sports bettors that might be looking for a more personalized service to handle their needs.

Full-Service Operation

One of the most important aspects of running and managing your own successful independent sportsbooks is to establish yourself as a full-service operation. Today’s highly sophisticated Pay Per Head online sports betting software package would rival what even the top sportsbooks use to power their million-dollar websites.

You can project a highly professional online image with your own custom sports betting website. Most of the top PPH services in the online sports betting industry will build and maintain a website tailored to your specific needs as part of the low, weekly price per head fee you are already paying for each of your active sports betting customers. You can use this website to promote your bookie services in what will quickly turn into your most effective sales and marketing tool for expanding your current customer base.

As a private bookie, you get to pick and choose the sports bettors you work with. This is a major plus, but you also need a certain amount of weekly betting action to turn your business into a year-round profitable venture. As mentioned, the NFL is a huge draw anytime of the year when it comes to the betting public. Most of your NFL profits will come during the 17-week regular season leading right through the Super Bowl. That’s does not mean that you should drop the ball on adding some profit to the bottom line by ignoring all the online NFL betting options that are available during the offseason. The volume of these added-value betting options will continue to build through the summer months ahead of the regular season schedule.