Offering a Dynamic Pay Per Head Betting Board

Your betting board is your bookie business. The sports betting industry may be driven by big-money sports such as football and basketball, but private bookies count on betting lines for a wide array of sports that can generate weekly cash flow and bottom-line profits 12 months a year. Building out your board with access to betting lines for over 80 different sports is the best way to meet all of your financial goals.

One of the best ways to describe an ever-expanding sports betting industry is dynamic. Change is constant and working with a top-rated pay per head bookie software site is the best way to always stay one step ahead things in what can be a very volatile business environment. You need the ability to quickly move certain betting line whiles also making changes to your betting board. The right PPH service has the online business tools to quickly and effectively accomplish this goal.

Tracking Daily Betting Action

There are a number of different ways to closely monitor all the daily betting action your independent sportsbook takes in. A real-time bet ticker posts all bets once they are placed. This can help detect when too much action is going in the same direction. You can also track any bets placed on an account-by-account basis. This is important to do when it comes to setting the right betting and credit limits down to the customer level through an individual account profile.

Tracking action on a daily basis is the only way to stay ahead of things. This is also the best way to take advantage of opportunities as opposed to reacting to and issue or problem after the fact. A dynamic board is an active board that can help drive some additional revenue that will have a positive impact on the overall profit picture.

Setting and Moving Betting Lines

One of the biggest services your pay per head site provides is fast and easy access to sharp betting lines. A few bookie software providers generate their betting lines in-house while other ones have established working relationships with the best line-setting services in the sports betting industry. As a bookie, your main concern should be quick access to lines and odds for everything your customer base is looking for.

Unlike the big commercial online sportsbooks, you bookmaking services are tailored to a select group of sports bettors. The longer you work with this group, the more you will know about each one’s betting strategy, habits and trends. Being able to anticipate their actions, the better you will become at setting and moving betting lines in the best interest of your bookie operation. The ability to do this in a fast and efficient manner is vital when it comes to avoiding any unwanted negative exposure.

Moving the lines alone is sometimes not going to be enough to avoid a heavy lean one way or the other. If the action gets too hot, most of the top pay per head sites offer a layoff account to alleviate some of the risk caused by excessive exposure.

Betting Boards that Level The Playing Field

One of the biggest reasons to offer an expanded betting board is to maximize your opportunities across a wide spectrum of betting options. Another important reason is keeping your betting base satisfied. You always want to make sure that each of your customers has access to everything they are looking to bet on. Otherwise, they will seek out another betting venue that does.

Keeping your board dynamic and filled with a variety of betting options is the only way to ensure that you are meeting all of your customer’s sports betting needs.