Ohio: A Gamblers Haven

Ohio is surrounded by Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia which makes for a sports gamblers paradise. If you’re looking for a sports mecca, then you have found the right place. If you are looking for a basketball and football mecca, then you have found heaven! Gamblers from Ohio come in all shapes and sizes and they come from the big cities as well as the small towns. Cincinnati is a great place to start with the Reds and the Bengals then moving up to Cleveland with the Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers. Even Columbus gets in on the action with The Ohio State University as well as the Blue Jackets (NHL). From top to bottom, there is no shortage of gambling opportunities in Ohio and if it can’t be found in this great state, there are five other bordering states within a couple of hours drive.

  • Bookies love Ohio for the many opportunities gamblers have to bet on the home team. There are a lot of home teams and it matters not what sport one is looking for. Ohio offers it all and over the years the sports gambling industry has grown rapidly through the use of pay per head providers.
  • The pay per head industry took off close to five years ago and has been the hottest trend in gambling over the last decade. The reason for the fantastic growth rate; players. Bookies have discovered that Ohio has a wealth of sports gamblers.
  • This state loves to gamble, and they love their sports teams. They are faithful to their teams and they bet religiously. This is a great thing for many reasons but the number one reason – Ohio sports teams are not that good! Let’s face the facts. The Ohio State Buckeyes Football program is very good, and they win consistently. The rest of the state is struggling with the exception of the Indians and Blue Jackets.

How Bookies Capitalize?

  • Corner bookies are quickly discovering how to become successful with an online presence. They are realizing that an online presence is the only way to earn a great income and that most bettors would just as soon bet in their home or office vs. flying to Las Vegas.
  • Where do they find a place to bet? They find it online and by word of mouth. Most Ohio bettors have a bookie and most of those bookies started out back on the block. The problem is this; bettors want more. They are tired of chasing their bookie all over creation and tired of him not answering their late-night phone calls.
  • You are tired of the late-night phone calls. This bookie business thing… it’s not an easy task, and in fact, it can be downright daunting. Get out of this rut you are in and find a fantastic pay per head. There is only one way to do business in a crazy world, and that’s online.
  • The pay per head gives you an automatic online presence and the even better news – you can be operational within a day. All you need to do is bring the players and start tonight.

Bookies in Ohio are few and far between, but gambling is booming in the state. There is little competition out there and Ohio is a hotspot for bookies looking to grow their business. With thousands of sports bars and pool halls across the state) it’s guaranteed you will find clients that want to gamble. Gone are the days when gambling was considered an illegal activity, gone are the days of lurking around in secret. Now is the time to turn your business into a gambling empire.

Find the best pay per head provider and make the switch today. It’s a guarantee that your clients will love you and they will be loyal for one reason; they never have to call you! They hate calling you! They love using a mouse and pointing to their bet of choice and gambling online at all hours of the day or night. Accommodate your players and they will be loyal. Find a great free trial and try the PPH on for size. You are not obligated to anything and once you do start paying, you will find affordable pricing at $10 per head.