Online Poker Software Solutions at No Extra Cost With Real Bookies

Online poker can be a highly lucrative add-on for private bookies looking to create multiple streams of revenue. While most pay per head bookie services providers offer software solutions for sports betting, horse betting and online casino games, very few have expanded into software for playing poker online.

Real Bookies has always been an industry pioneer with the online gambling products and services offered. This site has been helping private bookie agents just like yourself succeed for more than 20 years.

As true industry innovators, it is no surprise that Real Bookies is now leading the way in online poker software solutions. Online poker is booming but it is only scratching the surface when it comes to the potential revenue it can generate. The problem is availability. Finding a online game worth playing is not as easy as it sounds.

By adding poker tables to your existing online gambling operation, you will be able to establish yourself as a complete bookmaking service with your existing customer base. You can use poker has a powerful hook to grow and expand you business as well.

Real Bookies Online Poker Features and Benefits

The main feature with Real Bookies online poker is a turnkey software solution that can be easily launched. The main benefit of online poker is no added cost.

The few pay per sites that do offer online poker will most likely tack on a hefty weekly or monthly fee. Real Bookies has decided to include the online poker software solution as part of the already low weekly per head fee paid for each active betting customer.

Another important feature is the online poker software itself. It is easy to use for actual poker players and easy to manage as the bookie agent. To get you started, Real Bookies offers a trial offer. You can see for yourself just how this online poker software can become a viable revenue stream.

The biggest benefit online poker brings to the table is added revenue that is highly profitable as well. Reducing your dependence on sports betting alone should be a top priority for any private bookmaker these days.

Adding poker to your online casino solutions gives you a powerful edge against competition. Very few private bookies are offering poker and there are more than a few big commercial online sportsbooks lacking these capabilities as well.

Real Bookies Comprehensive Pay Per Head Package

Before adding the online poker solutions package, Real Bookies was already at the top of its game in the highly competitive pay per head industry. Owned and operated by sports betting experts with a deep level of experience in online gambling software solutions, Real Bookies was never one to rest on past success.

If there is money to be made on any online gambling activity, Real Bookies is always seeking out ways to bring these capabilities to the bookie agents it serves. Signing on with this bookie services site is the equivalent of adding a silent business partner. A partner that has the necessary resources to take your bookie business to a level you probably only ever dreamed about.

Sports betting is still the cash cow for any private bookie running and managing an independent bookmaking operation. However, developing multiple streams of revenue is the only way you are going to meet and hopefully exceed the financial goals you have set for your business.