Open a PPH in South Dakota

As odd as it may sound, South Dakota is quickly becoming a great place to be if you are a bookie. Listen, this is not about the great sports teams that exist in the state, or the untold thousands of loyal fans that root for their team, no. This is about a state that has an ever-growing population from many different walks of life and backgrounds. Oil and gas are the big industry, the next – tourism. What goes along with tourism in South Dakota? Gambling. The gaming industry is alive and well in South Dakota. People love to gamble. The problem; the people have opportunity to gamble but it’s limited, they want more. Bookies must make a better effort to reach out to players in South Dakota. If you do not reach out, they will find your competition. The high season is in full swing, now is the time to earn a great deal of money. South Dakota wants online bookies, are you going to serve them?


  • Where you live is not important, what is important is having an online presence as a bookmaker. You must position yourself to earn a fantastic income. The bookie business is no longer about working hard, it’s about seizing opportunity. With an online presence you are guaranteeing your clients the ability to bet 24/7. They will love you for this move and they will become more loyal. You probably have no idea how disloyal your clients are. NEWS FLASH – Your clients are not exclusive to you, they wander, and they will always have a wandering eye. This is the nature of the gambling business. With an online presence, you can curb much of this wandering.
  • The casino is your cash cow: With a pay per head, you have the opportunity to not only operate an online sportsbook but an online casino as well. The casino is your money-maker and you definitely want a Las Vegas-style operation. With no additional cost, you can be operating an online casino in less than a day or two. There is an old saying that says “the house always wins”. This is a fact when speaking of the casino. The casino lifts you up when the sportsbook profits dip.
  • Why have a racebook? Horse bettors are the best kind to have for one reason; they are faithful. They stick around if you offer them a great environment. Find a PPH provider that offers the best tracks from around the world and pay track odds. Horse bettors bet small, but they bet all-day and they come back every single day. Do not sell yourself short. You must offer horse racing if you care about earning a great side income.
  • The PPH is a turnkey operation that sets in motion a virtual sportsbook, casino, and racebook all in one. What you get when you sign up, is a ready-made website that comes with an exclusive .com address. You and your customers log in and do business immediately. All you need to do is add your client to the website with their personal information and a password. It’s that simple, they are ready to gamble.
  • The PPH is software for bookies. What you get is a desktop application that is user-friendly and ready to use. There is no downloading, no programming, and no site-building. The PPH does every task that is required of a bookie. You basically turn on the computer and all you need to do is point and click!
  • The price of doing business with the PPH providers has dropped over the last few years and dramatically. When the PPH providers came out with their innovative product more than 20-years ago, this gig was expensive ($25 per head). Thankfully, those days are long past and the average price today for the best PPH prodders on the market is around $10.

Find that great PPH. Read the reviews and learn about who has been in business for at least the last decade. Learn who bookies trust, even better, learn who players trust. The players are who you must listen too. They dictate everything and without them, you have nothing. The high season is here and now is the best time to jump in a get your 4-week free trial. Call the PPH and start earning what you are worth.