Oregon: The Sports Gambling Scene Heats Up | Bookies have the Scoop

The Oregon sports betting scene has hit an all-time high and if you’re a bookie there has never been a better time than now to jump in on the action and start earning a fat income. There is absolutely no excuse to not be earning a six-figure income as a bookie in the state of Oregon and especially in the Portland and Eugene areas. Portland has just one professional sports team, The Blazers (NBA) however, the University of Oregon is just down the road with the Ducks who represent the PAC 12. The Ducks are perennial top-25 teams in both sports (basketball and football) and they are more often than not, top-10 in the nation respectively.

Not only do Oregonians love to gamble on their teams from around the state, but they also love to gamble in general and they have a large pool of resources to draw from. Vancouver, Washington is across the river from Portland and this means that literally thousands of Washington sports fans live in the area. The Washington scene involves the Seattle Seahawks, as well as the Seattle Mariners. Oregon also boasts a large number of transplants. Thousands upon thousands have moved from California and as a result, there are now sports fans from the LA area as well as San Francisco and all parts California.

To Oregonians, it really matters not who they bet on, what they are looking for is opportunity. The want a corner bookie they can trust, and they will deposit if they have confidence in where their money goes. This is where you come in.

  • The task of being a bookie is overwhelming without help. You must find the proper bookie software at a great price and let them do the work. A bookie has a stockpile of duties to perform on a daily basis and going this gig alone can be a difficult task.

Find a fantastic pay per head—

  • A pay per head is a company that offers premium business management software to bookies. It matters not how big or how small your operation may be. You can have one client, or you can have 300 betting clients, the only thing that may change for you, is the price. The more players you have the lower the price per head.
  • The pay per head companies charge you the bookie, on a per head basis (thus “Pay Per Head”). The way it works is like this: Example: You have 10 players – five of those players are active and they routinely make a new deposit with you, they place at least one wager per week (active player). When your player(s) place a wager, that’s when the fiscal week starts, and you pay the price per head… (The best PPH providers are charging between $7-$10 per head). You do not pay for them again that week. You player may place as many bets as he likes within that fiscal week and you are charged the one time. They may place just the one bet, or they may place 50-bets. It’s up to them and you are only charged the one-time per week. You are charged nothing if they do not play.
  • The pay per head does everything for you. The software is easy to use, and you have complete control of the daily activities while the PPH provider does all of the work. They set the daily lines and odds, they accept wagers either over the phone or on the website that was custom built for you and your clients. They grade all bet slips and balance each clients account.
  • What you have to do is bring in the clients. Obviously, you want as many players as you can find and with the help of a pay per head, you now have the time to recruit them.

This bookie gig is not what it used to be. The competition is fierce, but the rewards are huge. You must find a PPH provider that’s reasonably priced ($7-$10 per head) and one that comes stacked with a great reputation for outstanding customer service for not only the bookie, but for your clients. Call a great PPH provider and ask for a free trial. There is no risk to you, and you may cancel at any time. Start earning that six-figure income and start having fun again.