Ottawa: fantastic City | Fantastic People looking to Gamble

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and a fantastic cosmopolitan city that offers the finest in galleries, dining, theatre, and sports. This city is one that enjoys spending money on fine things and it’s a big place to boot—just more than 1,000,000. The entire metro area is enormous and now Canadas fourth-largest city. There is no good reason whatsoever that bookies shouldn’t be earning a fortune in this great city. Folks in Ottawa have proven they love to gamble and have proven they love sports. Don’t be fooled, this city knows what they want, and they will pay for it when it’s offered up. What you must do is offer it up. Now is the time to get in with a great pay per head. The PPH providers have built a program that allows the corner bookie to immediately take their bookmaking business to the next level.

  • What the pay per head industry had done is revolutionize the online sportsbook. No longer does a bookie need to worry about building his own website. The PPH does all of the labor. They literally do it all from programming, to site building, coding-the entire process of building a fantastic gambling site is now taken care of.
  • If you are a bookie on any level, whether you have 3 clients or 300, and you want to stay relevant, then you must take your business online.
  • Why online? Gamblers want the freedom to bet when they want to bet. If you are their bookie and you are not online, then guess what? They will be calling you at all times of the day and night. There isn’t a slow season anymore, gamblers gamble throughout the year and they gamble at 3:00 AM. They want it there way and if you don’t provide it, they will certainly find it somewhere.
  • The PPH providers have combined the sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all-in-one. Now you can offer your clients not only a great online sportsbook, but a fantastic, world-class racebook as well, and to boot-a Las Vegas style casino with live dealers.

A great PPH is not expensive…

  • Back in the good old days when the PPH industry was new on the scene, some 20 plus years ago, this deal was an expensive gig and they really didn’t offer that many perks. Today, the price has come down considerably and they offer a boatload of fantastic perks for the client as well as the bookie.
  • Of course, as with any business you will find 10 different offerings with 10 different prices. Follow this rule: You always get what you pay for. Should you go to a big box discount retailer and purchase a pair of shoes for $25, they will last you $25 dollars’ worth. When you step up and pay a little more, those shoes may last you for three years. The same can be said for the PPH industry—Pay $3 per head, you can expect $3 worth of customer service.
  • There are many PPH providers that try to be the lowest price in the industry. Be careful. The going rate for a fantastic PPH that offers top-notch customer service, is around $10-$15 per head.

Clients in Ottawa are asking for bookies that care about them, they need you and want to spend money. The real beauty of a pay per head is the exhaustive way in which they do your work! They literally do it all from accounting, to player reports, bet slip grading, lines/odds, knowing what sports to offer and what big events are worth your time and so much more.

Read the reviews and find the best PPH today and sign on with a free trial. The best PPH providers in the industry will offer a full-on, free trial for the first month. What you want to do is find out what you like and what you don’t like. Try it before you buy it and have your online gaming site up and running today. It’s fast, easy, and the best move that you can make if you are looking to expand your business. Stop losing clients, stop losing money. Find a PPH that offers a toll-free hotline from Ottawa, get your Ottawa players in the game and start earning a six-figure income.