Pay Only For Active Players

Getting involved with the Pay Per Head model is one of the best moves you can make if you are embarking on making your sports wagering operation look bigger and better and working at a higher level of efficiency. That is the simple truth. And while some people may think that it involves a tremendous expenditure to have software available that is just as advanced as that which is being used at the leading online sportsbooks in the world, such is not the case at all. In fact, it is very affordable with the deal that is being offered at RealBookie, in which you can get in on the action for a mere $10 per head.

Of course, there is a clarification we have to make when we quote that price, which is to say that the deal is even better than that. Of course, when someone wants to place their wagers with you, they are going to get the special URL to go to, as well as a username, and they establish a password. They are a “registered” player with you, and as such, they are going to be able to access the website you have provided for them whenever they need to.

The Price Per Head (PPH) model works on the basis that you are going to pay $10 on a per-head, per-week basis. But that doesn’t mean that ALL your registered customers count toward that total. This is very important for you to understand. When you proceed with a company like RealBookie, you are NOT paying for ALL your players, or even all of them that have logged onto the website; you are only paying for those who were active with you during that particular week, meaning that they have placed a bet. This is what really makes it worthwhile.

So if they bet on one of the things you have to offer (and there are many of them), such activity will count toward your total number of “active” players; if they don’t, they will stay off your “sheet” for the week. And because you can have some control over the minimums they have to play, you can make sure that if they are playing with you, their action will justify paying that $10 per week fee.

Certainly there is a significance to the fact that you are going to pay only for active players. There are certain customers who are just going to be seasonal, while others are ready to go year ’round. Some may just like football, and when that season is over they are not that interested. Well, you pay only for their action during the season in which they were actually betting, and do so only during the weeks they were betting. So if you have seasonal customers, it is still a great deal to have them on board and to make the deal with RealBookie. It’s $10 per head per week, so that if you are fortunate enough to have 150 customers active with you during any particular week, you will forward $1500 to RealBookie at the end of that week. Just as you settle up with your players, you settle up with us.

We are assuming that you have a strategy in mind when you adopt the Price Per Head (PPH) system as a way to do business, which is not only to operate as efficiently as possible, but to able to make your business as sizable as it possibly can be, assuming that you have the capitalization to make that happen. With the price set as it is, at $10 per head, this makes all of that very feasible. What happens at the end of the day is that it leaves a lot of room for profit, and a lot of room to grow, and you can concentrate much of your efforts on bringing new customers in.

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