Pay Per Head “Adjust the Juice” Options

Some of the best aspects of running and managing your own sportsbook as an independent bookmaker revolve around the ability to move your own lines, change the offerings on your betting board and to set credit and betting limits on an individual account basis to best meet the specific needs of your bookie business. It is your company and while you still have to cater to the needs of your particular sports betting clientele, you want to be in prime position to always control the key controllables that are a big part of the online sports betting industry.

Having the ability to make these types of decisions is one thing, but it becomes a whole other story when it comes to actually putting things into play without a quality Pay Per Head online bookie software solutions package in place. Recent advances in operating systems and online bookmaking software management has made today’s price per head bookie solutions an indispensable part of the the day-to-day administrative end of the sports bookmaking business.

Low Weekly Fees

For one, low weekly per head fee for each of your active sports betting customers, you can easily stay way ahead of all the betting action coming in. With the right business analytics at your fingertips, you put yourself in position to capitalize on opportunities as opposed to putting out fires after the fact.

Juice Adjustments

One of the most handy business tools for your private bookie business from an operational standpoint is the ability to adjust the juice or commission you charge for any type of betting action coming in. The standard industry juice charged for straight bets on sides and totals is 10 percent, but there are times when you might want to tweak that number one way or the other depending on the current action coming in for any particular betting event. Maybe you want to hold the spread on a game while still trying to move money to one side or the other. Reducing the juice on one side of a bet has proven to be just as effective as moving a betting line.

The ability to adjust the juice through the backend of your Pay Per Head site’s online bookie software can also be used as a very powerful marketing tool. If you are trying to generate some additional betting action for a particular event on your board, reducing the commission you charge is an proven way to move the dial. You can also use this tool for certain sports as a whole to try and drive business such as daily dime lines or even nickel lines for MLB games.

Lower Commissions

Lower commissions can be just as beneficial an incentive as offering up front free-bet bonuses or other types of promotions to attract potential sports bettors to your bookie services. The additional action you bring in from offering a lower commission should more than make up for any costs involved in reducing the juice on a bet.


It is the automation factor that adds the most value to your Pay Per Head bookie software solutions provider. In the past, you would have to make manual changes that would be time consuming and far less cost efficient. With today’s advanced online sports betting software packages, these types of changed can be instituted in just seconds from the convenience of your laptop or hand-held mobile device. This, in turn, will free up more of your time to focus on the aspects of your bookie business that will help to grow and expand your current sports betting customer base while also adding profit to your company’s bottom line.