Pay Per Head Betting Lines for Private Bookies

Sharp betting lines for everything you need, when you need them is the life blood of a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook. The Pay Per Head site you use for all of your online sports betting software solutions can make or break that business with the betting lines they provide.

Fast and Sharp Betting Lines

One of the most important ways that any price per head shop earns the weekly fee you pay for each of your active sports betting customers is a completely automated betting board that is continually updated with sharp betting lines and odds. As an independent bookmaker, you will always have the final say as to what your betting board has to offer, but it is very important that you have fast and easy access to everything you need.

Another important part of the whole betting line process is the constant ability to set or move your own betting lines at no added cost. Nobody knows your betting customers more than you as the booking agent. Having the ultimate flexibility to meet their needs is what keeps you in business. You never want to run the risk of having any of your customers turning elsewhere because they could not find the betting options they were looking for on your board. You also need the ability to quickly change your board with any changing conditions that could have a negative impact on cash flow and your overall bottom line.

Expanded Betting Options

Even if the majority of the betting action you take in is related to football and basketball as the top two betting sports, today’s more sophisticated sports bettors are always looking for ways to expand and enhance their overall sports betting strategy. Even some small action on sports such as golf, boxing, soccer etc. will help that bottom-line profit picture over the course of the entire sports calendar.

You need a Pay Per Head site that can offer an expanded menu of betting options whether they pertain to events across the country or around the globe. As mentioned, you will always have the final say over what is on your board, but you need to run and manage that board with a higher degree of flexibility. Sales and marketing is still a vital part of total business picture and it is far easier to expand your betting options across an existing customer base as opposed to constantly adding new customers to the mix.

One of the biggest reasons why sports bettors turn to private bookies is the added level of customer service and attention to detail that the big online sportsbooks will never be able to match.

Pay Per Head Betting Line Options

Expanding your betting board as a private bookie can be accomplished in more than one way.

The breakdown could look as follows:

  • Betting Lines and Odds For All the Professional US Leagues
  • Betting Lines and Odds for College Football and Basketball
  • Prop Bet Odds and Futures for Every Major Sport
  • Live In-Game Betting for Every Major Sport
  • Betting Options for International Leagues and Sporting Events
  • Daily Horse Racing Cards Through a Racebook Application

These are most of the general categories that should be available on your betting board. You can also add betting options for E-Sports, entertainment and political props and anything else your PPH service can provide. They should also provide detailed business reports designed to track all the betting activity coming by each individual category. This is a great way to identify your top betting sports against some obvious gaps that probably need to be filled.