Pay Per Head Betting Lines for Wimbledon

The next major tournament for professional tennis is the Championships, Wimbledon. As one of the most prestigious titles for men and women players all around the world, the interest in betting on this event should be high.

Action from London starts on June 27 and it runs right through July 10. As a private bookie agent working with a quality pay per head bookie solutions provider, this tournament can be used as a way to boost your summertime betting handle. The NBA and NHL playoffs are winding down as June wears on. Wimbledon provides a betting event that can be marketed to your entire sports betting clientele.

Working with a quality pay per head site, there are a number of different tennis betting markets that can be incorporated into your overall betting board. Any professional tennis tournament lends itself to increased betting on the outright winner to head-to-head competitions between the game’s best men and women players.

This is one of the few sports that combines all of its players into one centralized competition. Working through the various rounds, the betting excitement builds as the overall field becomes smaller and smaller.

Betting Wimbledon Futures

Betting Wimbledon begins with the futures odds to win for both the men’s and women’s bracket. Novak Djokovic is the clear favorite to win the men’s title at -115 odds. The next player on the list is Carlos Alcaraz at +500 odds.

Competition for Wimbledon’s women’s title is also rather lopsided. You can still get plus money on Iga Swiatek at +180. Moving away from the favorite, the second player on the list is Emma Raducanu at +1200 odds.

Working with your pay per head provider, you can tweak your own Wimbledon futures board to move money anyway you choose. The biggest names in tennis are on the downside of their careers. However, moving money towards Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams is easy to do given the strong name recognition. Given that neither player’s chance to win are all that good, they can act as a profit center for incoming action.

Betting Wimbledon Matches

The best opportunity to build your Wimbledon betting handle revolves around the money line odds for each round’s matches. The more lines posted the better and the right PPH service can help you in this department.

Your goal as a private bookie is to continually level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks you still have to compete against. Why run the risk of turning away even one bet because of a market that was not on your board.

One of the most vital services a quality PPH service provides is quick and easy access to all the betting lines you need when you need them. While you will always have complete control over your betting board, you can always make the most of any sports betting opportunity that rolls around on the yearly calendar.
Betting Wimbledon Live

More and more avid sports bettors are looking to wager on sporting events as they are taking place. Live betting is one of the fastest growing segments of the entire sports betting industry.

Given the nature of tennis matches in general with multiple sets, this is an excellent sport that complements live betting after the competition has gotten underway.