Pay Per Head Bookie Payment Solutions

Working with a top-rated pay per head site, you can run your private bookie business online through a fully automated process. Specialized sports betting software has been developed to handle every online transaction. It is also designed to support your efforts with real time analytics and other important business reports.

Since you are only paying a weekly per head fee for active betting customers, this has proven to be the most convenient and cost-effective way to run and manage your own private bookie business.

Moving Forward With The Best Pay Per Head Services

Many of the best pay per head sites happen to be the longest tenured ones. Early pay per head services had close ties to the early offshore sportsbooks operating online. These industries grew up together over the past few decades.

Online sportsbooks cater directly to bettors through sophisticated software applications. Pay Per Head sites cater directly to private bookies running an independent sports betting business.

Innovation is a big part of game. The best online sportsbooks are always looking for ways to enhance the online betting experience.

The best pay per head sites are always looking for ways to make a bookie’s life easier. A big part of their current efforts are software tools to improve the payment process.

By their nature, pay per head bookie services do not get involved in the payment or collection aspect of the business. It is still your job to come up with the best way to payoff winners and collect on losing bets.

However, more and more PPH services are coming up with software solutions that are designed to address this crucial aspect of your business.

Detailed Payment & Collections Reports

On the most basic level, there are detailed reports that can pinpoint a player’s position at any given point in time. There are pre-settlement reports tied to both betting and credit limits. Actual settlement reports paint a very clear picture of your account payables and your account receivables.

The next step in the process is automating the transfer of funds. Once again, there are no pay per head sites handling actual funds. Yet, the progressive sites can help you find ways to set up a fully automated system.

Some of today’s widely accepted money transfer systems can streamline the process while also keeping sensitive data safe and secure. At the top of the list is cryptocurrency. This is a decentralized way to move money while maintaining the anonymity of each party. Since digital currency is not tied to any financial institution, transfers are simply identified by a specific transaction number.

The lack of a paper trail lends itself to the private sports bookmaking industry. Funds can be moved according to your pay per head settlement reports based on a time frame that best meets your business needs. That can be determined with your customer base as a whole or broken down to an account-by-account basis.

Either way, today’s top-rated bookie services can provide the level of detailed information needed to aid in the payment automation process.

The Future is Bright With The Right Pay Per Head Service

As with any industry, there are the “best if the best” and the rest. Signing on with the right PPH service is crucial to the short-term and long-term success of your bookie business. The top sites are making heavy investments into the next wave of technology and software solutions that will shape the entire online gambling industry.