Pay Per Head Bookie Software Gets You Ready for College Football Bowl Season

Betting on sports is a year-round proposition for many avid sports bettors, which is exactly the type of player private bookies like yourself are always looking for. One of the toughest tasks for any private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook is generating weekly cash flow and bottom-like profits 52 week a year.

The best way to generate a steady income as a private bookie (both in the short and long term) is to take full advantage of the big betting events that do pop up during the sports betting calendar year.

December as the final month of the year offers a tremendous opportunity to close things out on a highly profitable note. A big component of making December one of your biggest and most profitable months of the year is the extended college football bowl season.

Starting in mid-December and running right through New Year’s Day is an expanded 39-game schedule that gives bettors one last chance to cash a few winners on one of the most popular betting sports in the game. Each week of the college football regular season should have already been a large part of the daily betting action you brought in over the past three months. This makes promoting the bowl season rather easy to do. Even if your bookie business did not do as well as you hoped during the regular season schedule of games, you can salvage your overall college football season with a strong run over the final four weeks of the year.

The first step of the process is getting on the same page with your Pay Per Head online sports betting software solutions provider. They can help you build out your college bowl season betting board with any number of ways to bet on the games. You need to be willing to pull out all the stops to squeeze as much profit as you can on these 39 games.

Posted pointspreads, total lines and moneylines for every bowl game is only part of the big picture for maximizing profit.

Futures odds for the College Football Playoff and national title game along with prop bet options for every individual bowl game can add some additional excitement to the action on the field as well as profit to your bottom line.

Another important part of the process is getting the word out that your betting board will be packed with college bowl betting options. This is where your Pay Per Head’s custom website can act as your biggest and most effective marketing tool. While it is very important to work closely with your existing sports betting clientele to generate some additional business for college bowls, this also presents the perfect opportunity to market all of your bookie services to prospective customers. You never want to give anyone a reason to look elsewhere for betting action that is not on your board.

Line movements for college bowls does tend to be a bit more active than the regular season.

It is not uncommon to see a line move multiple points one way or the other given the added length of time between when they were first released and the actual kickoff for the games. Your price per shop bookie software solutions should allow you to easily and quickly move your own betting lines or make changes to your overall betting board based on the daily action coming in.

The bigger bowls closer to the last Saturday in December as well as on New Year’s Day should generate the majority of the college football action coming in. However, expanding your efforts to spread things out across all 39 games is the best strategy for making the most of this unique betting event.