Pay Per Head Bookies and Legal US Sports Betting -Part 3

The hot topic in the world of sports betting continues to be the rapidly changing face of the industry in the United States. Individual states have been given the green light to pursue legalized sports betting within their borders by a recent US Supreme Court decision favoring their rights over any restrictions the US government may have had in place at the federal level.

While this change in direction for the US sports betting industry may make private bookies somewhat nervous with what the future might hold, the reality of the situation could actually turn into a financial boon to anyone running and managing an independent sportsbook with the help of a Pay Per Head online bookie software provider.


The first thing to keep in mind as a private bookie is that this decision was expected. There is just too much money bet on sports in the US for individual states to ignore. Just about every local government is strapped for cash when they try and put together a yearly budget. This makes the tax revenue generated by all forms of gambling a very attractive cash cow. If a state is already offering horse racing, brick-and-mortar casino gambling along with lotteries and other games of chance, why would they pass up a chance to make even more money through the licensing, regulation and taxing of legal sports betting with their own state lines.

Whether you are just starting out as a private bookie or already running a successful independent sportsbook, there is still plenty of money to be made even if your home state eventually gets up and running with legal sports bets. Timing is the first issue since it could take months, even years to put a betting system in place that meets the needs and demands of today’s sophisticated sports bettor. Next is betting options. There will be limits and restrictions in every state that legalizes sports betting when it comes to how you can actually bet on the games.

The third part of the equation for private bookies as an edge against any sports betting competition are the services you can provide. This is where working closely with a price per head shop such as us makes the low, weekly fees they charge for active betting customers well worth the cost. Today’s highly complex and advanced online sports betting software packages for private bookies like yourself would rival what even the biggest offshore sportsbooks are using to power their million-dollar betting websites.

Added Edge

As a private bookie, you can match anything a big sportsbook can bring to the table with the added edge of offering far better customer service and personal attention to detail. A sports bettor is still a faceless entity to any online book and that will remain the case with any legalized sports betting operation that may eventually be in place in certain states. Running and managing your own independent sportsbook with customers that are basically hand-picked, builds that personal relationship between yourself and your sports betting customer base.

Betting profiles

One of the best features of Pay Per Head online bookie software packages is the built-in ability to create an individual betting profile for each of your betting customers. This is where certain credit and betting limits can be put into place. You will also have comprehensive analytics across your entire betting base to make sure that you are providing your customers with what they want. Changes can easily be implemented on a case-by-case basis and the only person setting the rules and regulations for your private bookie services is you.

The overall interest in sports betting is sure to grow with an increase in betting options in the coming months and years. Working closely with your Pay Per Head provider, you are already in excellent position to make this situation work for you.