Pay Per Head for Small Volume Bookies

Running and managing an independent bookmaking business comes in many different shapes and sizes. Today’s advances in pay per head bookie software solutions are designed to provide everything needed to automate any bookie operation while running it online.

At the largest scale of the independent bookmaking industry, there are master bookie agents serving thousands of different bettors through an elaborate network of sub-agents handling individual business units. At the smallest scale, there are private bookies working with a select group of sports betting clientele.

A common misconception in this industry is that pay per head bookie services are only needed to run and manage a larger scale operation. Big volume bookies already understand the value pay per head software solutions bring to the table. However, even the smallest bookmakers can benefit from professional pay per head services.

Pay Per Head Operations

The first thing that pay per head does is organize your bookie operation with individual online account profiles for each of your betting customers. This is how information is sorted across your entire customer base. Even if you are working with a handful of active betting customers, you need an automated way to keep track of all their betting activities
Proprietary software solutions have been specifically designed to handle the administrative end of any bookie business. The cost of developing this type of software on your own would far outweigh the cost of a quality pay per head service.

Automating the operational end of your bookie business is just one of the reasons why pay per head bookie services have become a necessity in today’s high-tech marketplace.

Pay Per Head Online Betting Platforms

Today’s sports bettors are still attracted to the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that a private bookie can offer and the big commercial sportsbooks can never match.

That being said, these same bettors also want the modern conveniences associated with an online betting account. Calling in a bet on a phone has become obsolete. Pay per head services offer a safe and reliable way to run your bookie business online. They also offer a mobile interface to take bets from any handheld device with internet access.

The best PPH sites in the sports betting industry today have made the necessary investments in an internal operating system that would rival what the biggest commercial sportsbooks are using to power their online betting platforms.

Pay Per Head Multiple Revenue Streams

A small bookie operation can still make a very lucrative return on investment with the right group of high volume bettors. With pay per head, you can expand your weekly handle and hold without having to expand your base. Horse betting is available through an online racebook software package. Access to Las Vegas-style slots and table games is provided through online casino software solutions.

Even though your betting base may be small is size, it is easy to establish your bookie business as a full-service online gambling site.

Pay Per Head Business Support

The biggest benefit of pay per head for smaller bookie operations is continual business support. You are not alone out there trying to figure out everything by yourself.

From dedicated account managers, IT professionals, sports betting experts and trained customer service reps, you have the necessary support team in place 24 hours a day, every day of the year.