Pay Per Head Gets Bookies Ready for a Profitable Summer

The summer months can be a challenge for private bookies still trying to develop a business that can provide a profitable return to the bottom line 12 months a year. Maintaining cash flow and weekly revenue be hard to accomplish without the right business tools in place to build and grow your overall customer base.

Whether you are relatively new to the sports betting business or a seasoned vet running and managing your own sportsbook, the most important business tool in the box is the right Pay Per Head site when it comes to taking your bookie business online. Price per head shops offer a comprehensive online sports betting software solutions package that can provide everything you need to handle the day-to-day operational end of a business of this nature. Best of all, you can control your operational costs with one, low weekly price per head fee for each of your active betting customers.

Betting Options

Another important benefit your PPH service provides is fast and easy access to a wide array of betting options. Along with a steady selection of betting odds for sports on a global basis, you can also choose to take advantage of the software applications for an extended racebook for horses as well as an online casino complete with slot machines, video poker and live-dealer table games. Profit on a year-round basis can be driven by positioning your bookie business as a one-stop shop for all of your customers’ online gambling needs.

Having a racebook and online casino up and running in the summer months is a great start to maintaining weekly cash flow and revenue when the sports betting calendar starts to slow down. You also need to develop a sales and marketing plan that can keep your sports bookie service thriving even with the major sports off the board.


The first step is to build out your betting board accordingly. You never want to run the risk of having even one of your sports betting customers placing a bet elsewhere since they could not find what they were looking for on your board. If you want to gain a reputation as being a full-service bookmaker, then you need to constantly level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online by matching everything they have to offer.

The MLB regular season offers the most daily action of any summer sport. Along with some traditional summer betting events such as Majors for professional golf and Grand Slam events for professional tennis, there is always a steady schedule of boxing and MMA fights on the card throughout the year. The CFL regular season starts in June for any football bettors looking for some early action and the WNBA regular season is a viable betting option for basketball fans. As an added bonus for this summer, soccer’s World Cup gets underway in mid-June and runs right through mid-July with the championship match.


In preparation for a new season of football in the NFL as well as the college ranks, you can also feature a wide array of betting futures and props. These types of side bets continue to grow in popularity each and every year. You can work directly with your Pay Per Head provider to expand your offering of futures and props for all the major sports.

Another very important benefit included in your weekly price per head fees is the ability to set and move your own betting lines. You can also change anything on your betting board at a moment’s notice to best meet your individual business needs. This high level of control ensures that you will always be way ahead of the curve when it comes to the daily action your bookie business is taking in.