Pay Per Head Gets Bookies Ready for The MLB Second Half

What makes MLB betting vastly different then every other major US sports league is the sheer length of the entire season. All 30 teams have already played at least 86 games heading into the annual MLB All-Star break. The NBA and NHL’s entire regular season lasts 82 games with an extended postseason run. The MLB regular season is almost as twice as long with 162 games plus a postseason that runs into early November.

With the help of a quality pay per head service, a private bookie has everything needed to fully capitalize on this specific sport. The fastest and easiest way to increase weekly action on MLB games is by expanding your MLB board. Along with the basic betting options on the moneyline, total line and run line, today’s modern bookie software solutions can provide something for everyone when it comes to betting on a typical MLB matchup.

Pay Per Head MLB Five Inning Betting Lines

One of the best value bets for MLB games is the five inning line. This would be the equivalent of a first half betting line for a football and basketball game. Unlike those two sports, baseball offers a unique twist in light of the starting pitcher. It was not all that long ago that the top MLB pitchers would routinely pitch well into the seventh or even eighth inning.

With so many injuries to pitching arms in recent years, many teams have adopted a strict pitch count for pitchers. Regardless of what is going on in any particular game, good or bad, MLB mangers are quick to make a change on the pitching mound depending on their starter’s overall pitch count.

The five inning line is a true representation of the matchup on the mound between the two starters. This also happens to be an excellent selling point for private bookies looking for new ways to market MLB betting to an entire customer base. By promoting the attributes of first half baseball betting lines, you can also drive some additional betting action to boost weekly cash flow and bottom-line profit.

Pay Per Head MLB Game, Team and Player Props

Another great way to add more excitement to betting MLB games while also building more weekly betting activity in the summer months is through daily game, team and player props for every matchup on that day’s slate.

Private bookies may need to work a bit closer with their pay per head providers since these betting lines are normally released just hours before a game’s designated starting time. It creates a fast turnaround on the betting board, so bookmakers are going to have to sell this option to a betting clientele.

Once the particulars have worked themselves out, a regular system of posting MLB props each day can take place. These types of bets can offer some great value to sports betting customers, but they can also be hard to cash in on over the course of an entire season. Every team and every player goes through hot and cold cycles that are hard to predict. Successfully betting daily props does involve a higher sense of luck and luck always favors the House over the long haul.

Pay Per Head MLB Live In-Game Betting

Along with a grocery list of MLB props, the best pay per head software solutions packages for sports betting also includes live in-game betting options. Baseball is the ultimate game of what happens next, only at a slower pace. Just like props, there can be a wide array of live betting options for any MLB game. More options should translate to more betting action. This, in turn, should result in more money for anyone booking these bets.