Pay Per Head Helps You Market Your Bookie Business After Football Season

From early September right through the College Football Playoff Championship for college football and the Super Bowl for the NFL, most veteran private bookmakers can set their business on autopilot. That does not mean that running and managing your own private sportsbook does not take hard work and dedication during the football season. It merely implies that daily and weekly betting action on a regular basis is not as hard to come by.

Private bookies with an established operation already understand what it takes to keep things running smooth all year long. Football may be off the board, but college basketball along with the NBA, NHL and a host of other sports betting events should be more than enough to fill the void. However, that being said, you still need to work closely with your Pay Per Head online betting software provider to market all of these betting options to your existing clientele.

This is also the time of the year when an added emphasis needs to be placed on growing and expanding that customer base. There is bound to be a slowdown of action from an individual betting account standpoint, so increasing the number of betting customers remains the best way to fill the void.

Hand picking your customers

One of the more favorable aspects of running your own independent sportsbook is the ability to hand pick your customer list. Expanding that list for the pure sake of adding more customers does not always make sense. You want to pinpoint all of your marketing efforts towards adding sports bettors that best suit your business needs.

You could try and build a large base of low-volume bettors to minimize risk across the board. The overall costs will be higher with a larger chunk of money going towards price per head weekly fees for each active bettor. However, lower volume bettors tend to be steady and stable in their approach to betting the games.

Big bettors

High volume bettors can lead to some big gains in your profit picture, but they are also tougher to manage over the course of the year. Low betting and credit limits will normally deter the big fish from joining your pond. If a higher degree of volatility when it comes to weekly cash flow and bottom-line weekly profits is not a factor, then your marketing efforts should be geared towards landing these high-volume bettors.

Whichever approach you decide to take when it comes to growing your bookie business, there are certain business tools contained in your Pay Per Head bookie software package to help the cause. Understanding the past is the best way to predict the future. You not only need to break down your overall business by individual betting accounts, you need to know what each one of these customers are betting on each and every week.

If a large portion of your football bettors do gravitate naturally to college basketball instead of the NBA, that will be a much shorter window before you are going to have to fill that void. Maybe your NHL betting business is nonexistent. This is a much smaller segment making it tougher to target, but even a little bit of hockey action can help fill any existing voids.

You are probably not even thinking about the dog days of summer in the middle of winter, but you should be. Building a solid betting base for the upcoming MLB season does not start on Opening Day in April. It should start when the pitchers and catchers start showing up in Florida and Arizona in the next few weeks.


Being proactive in everything you do as a private bookie should be a priority. You may be rolling in doe right now coming off a highly profitable football season, but spare cash has a way of drying rather fast if you do not plan ahead with Pay Per Head.