Pay Per Head Live In-Game Betting

One of the most exciting ways that sports bettors can generate action on the games is through live in-game betting. This refers to the bets that are placed after the game has gotten underway. It is available for all the major sports with an almost never-ending selection of live game betting options to choose from.

If you are a private bookie successfully running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a quality Pay Per Head provider, chances are that you are already raking in some extra weekly profit on the live in-game bets you book.

Money-Making Opportunity

If you are not taking advantage of this excellent money-making opportunity, the time to start is now. Just about all of the top price per head shops offer software solutions for live-in game wagers. Some may include this feature in the current price per head fee you are paying for your active betting customers on a weekly basis. It may be an added option at other Pay Per Head sites for a slightly higher weekly fee.

As a way to control all of your fixed costs, you should first have a strong working knowledge of the price per head fees you are paying for your online sports betting software package. Some PPH services will use their lowest price possible to grab your attention only to later find out that there are extra fees involved for certain add-on services. The necessary software solutions to offer live in-game betting often times fall into that category.

Minimum Heads

Most Pay Per Head sites do not have a minimum when it comes to active betting customers. However, there are sites to will charge more for added services if you do not maintain a certain number of active betting accounts. The bottom line is that even if you are happy with your current online bookie software providers, it is very important that you fully understand their fee structure as it pertains to your current bookie business.

Even if you have to pay a little bit extra for live in-game betting capabilities, it is probably worth the cost. You are going to have to put some time and effort into building a live betting clientele, but over the course of time, your extra efforts can pay some hefty dividends.

The action can be fast and furious at times when it comes to live bets coming in on an active game, but as long as you have the proper betting limits in place, it is still rather easy to manage. You will always have fast and easy access to all the action coming in to keep you ahead of the curve. While it does take some extra effort to handle that action given the nature of these types of bets, the profit end is high and immediate. Bettors can easily get caught up in the frenzy and start chasing loses with subsequent bets.

The overall diversity in live betting makes it very hard for too much action to stack up on one side of a bet. Live wagers can be all over the board adding up to far more losing bets than wins. In general terms, a private bookie’s hold percentage on live in-game betting tends to be much higher than the money you earn on traditional bets on sides and totals.

Your Pay Per Head software does all the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking and grading all of these live bets, so all you have to do is pay out any overall winners, while collecting your profit on the losing ones.

Live in-game betting is a win-win for you and your sports betting customers as another way to help you level the playing field against the big offshore sportsbooks taking action online.