Pay Per Head Live In-Game NFL Betting

There are two ways that private bookies can increase the weekly action taken in on NFL games. The first is to add additional customers to your betting base. This is a good way to build and grow your overall bookie business, but you are still paying a per head fee each week for every active bettor. You need to ensure that the money made on each active bettor each week continually averages out to be more than any weekly per head fee you pay.

A more profitable way to increase the weekly action on NFL games is expanded offerings for betting on the games. Working with your pay per head site, there are any number of ways to build out your NFL betting board. Team and player props on a game by game basis is a great way to add more excitement to the action on the field. Prop bets are also a great way to allow your players to hedge the action on the game itself with some added prop options.

NFL Live In-Game Betting

Another great way to build your weekly handle for the upcoming NFL season is by offering live in-game betting. All the action takes place after the opening kickoff as betting lines and odds are constantly being updated based on the game itself. This not only adds more NFL betting options to the board, it also increases the average amount of money bet per active customer.

Live in-game betting is one of the fastest growing segments of the online sports betting industry due to new innovations in technology and mobile betting platforms. Lines change during natural breaks in the game and bettors have the option to hedge any previous bets with new ones. Another popular betting option for live NFL games is a “what happens next” scenario.

Before the beginning of any new possession by a team’s offense, bettors can wager on the team with the ball scoring a touchdown, kicking a field goal, punting or turning the ball over on this new possession. This goes on throughout the game until the final gun. This is a great way to keep your live in-game betting customers engaged for the entire contest.

Working with your pay per head bookie software service, you can control the action with set betting limits for every option on the board. This will allow you to limit the exposure in one of the most volatile ways to bet on sports.

Other Benefits of Live In-Game Betting Options

Along with the obvious benefit of increased revenue and overall profit live in-game betting brings to the table, there are other positive takeaways from adding this betting option to the mix. The first would be leveling the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks. Most of the top books use live in-game betting as a big drawing card for attracting avid bettors to their sites.

By establishing your bookmaking operation as a full-service betting venue, you will never have to worry about losing any business from your customer base. You would like to think that they are placing all of their weekly action through you. However, if they cannot not find something they are looking to bet on your board, they are likely to incorporate a commercial online book into their overall betting strategy.

The fact that you do offer live in-game betting options for NFL games and other major sports can be used to market your bookie services to potential customers. Today’s sophisticated bettors are looking for a higher level of customer service only a private bookie can provide, but they also want a full array of options when it comes to betting on the games.