Pay Per Head MLB World Series Betting Options

The embattled 2020 MLB season draws to a close in the coming two weeks with the best-of-seven showdown between the two best teams in each league. Whether the series ends as a four-game sweep or in dramatic fashion through a Game 7 setting, this is your final opportunity to make a solid profit on the games as a private bookie.

The only way to maximize this profit potential is with the help of a quality pay per head bookie services site. Just like the biggest commercial online sportsbooks, the best pay per sites in the sports betting industry have direct access to professional oddsmaking services.

Getting sharp lines for the games is one thing. Having the ability to build out your betting board for professional baseball’s biggest betting event is a whole other story. From alternative or adjusted run lines to team and player props, there are hundreds of ways to build your betting handle and bottom-line profit for this year’s MLB World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Tampa Bay Rays

The Dodgers were expected to represent the National League in this season’s World Series. Facing the AL’s New York Yankees would have been the dream matchup for bookies. However, the Tampa Bay Rays offer quite a bit of appeal as the best team this season in the American League.

At first glance, this looks like a mismatch with the Dodgers opened as -200 favorites on the series price and -170 favorites to win Tuesday’s Game 1. LA was a -210 favorite against the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS and it needed to win the final three games of that best-of-seven clash to stave off elimination.

At one point in that series with Atlanta up three games to one, the Dodgers’ series price ballooned up to +180. That is why they play the games.

Marketing the 2020 MLB World Series

Getting your sports betting base excited over this year’s World Series is your job as a private bookie. However, the right PPH service can make that job much easier through certain online marketing tools.

The first step is to build out that MLB World Series board with as many betting options as possible. The right pay per head site can help you level the playing field against the big commercial online books.

Yet, you need to go all in with the betting options posted. You should never give any of your betting customers a reason to take their action some place else because a betting option was not on your board.

Once you have a full complement of World Series betting odds posted, the next part of the marketing process is to get the word out. You need to make sure that your customer base is fully aware of everything you are taking action on.

Through your own professional online betting portal to the use of strategic social media outlets, you should be able to also attract some additional bettors if that is part of the plan. Either way, getting the word out now will help build the overall handle for this season’s championship series.

Incentives, reduced juice options, dime lines and anything else you can think of can be effective ways of raising the bar. Your pay per head provider should be able to help you make the most of the final baseball betting event of the year.