Pay Per Head NBA & NHL Playoff Action for Bookies

Both the NBA and NHL regular seasons are 82 games in length. While that offers quite a bit of betting action over an extended six months of the year, the real action is just getting underway with the start of each league’s playoffs.

Playoff Action

Each of these sports offer four rounds of best-of-seven series starting with a mad dash out of the gate with eight series on the board in the opening round working its way to a thrilling finale in the NBA Finals and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals.

As a private bookie, you have been taking in action for basketball and hockey since the fall, but the next two months offer an even bigger opportunity to build your bottom line as long as you have the right Pay Per Head site helping you along the way. Chances are that you have already found a quality online sports betting software to handle the day-to-day transactions that go into a business of this nature.

When it comes to growing and expanding your business for the NBA and NHL playoffs, this is where the right PPH service can really earn its keep.

Given the nature of best-of-seven playoff series, the most important benefit you derive from your price per head shop is fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them.

Moving Lines

The lines must also come in sharp to help spread the money evenly on both sides of a bet. At no extra cost other than the low weekly price per head fee you pay for active betting customers, you will also have the ability to move or set your own lines as needed. You can quickly make any necessary changes to your overall betting board to best suit your business needs.

Access to fast and sharp betting lines will help you quickly level the playing field with the big online sportsbooks that are pulling out all the stops to attract sports bettors to their sites for the postseason run in both the NBA and NHL.

Maximize your Handle

As a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook with the help of a Pay Per Head provider, you need to put a comprehensive plan together on how to maximize your handle for the upcoming playoffs.

The NBA is going to generate the bulk of the action, but that does not mean that the opportunity to make some serious money on the NHL playoffs does not exist. Even if your handle for hockey accounted for a small percentage of the total during the regular season, playoff hockey in the NHL is a whole other game. You may have to work a bit harder at growing your NHL action, but the added profit to your overall bottom line will prove to be worth your while.

Betting Options

One of the most important ways to build action for the NBA and NHL playoffs is to build out your betting board with a full set of betting options. Along with futures odds to win each conference title as well as each sport’s championship, there are series prices odds for each matchup in each round. You can also add a full set of props for each game as well as each round of the playoffs.

Betting on props for any major sporting event continues to grow in popularity each and every year. Today’s highly sophisticated Pay Per Head online betting software packages are designed to rival even the biggest online sportsbook’s betting options on its board.

With the proper planning, proper execution and added support from your price per head provider, the NBA and NHL postseason can be a very lucrative way to close out both sports for the season.

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