Pay Per Head Raises the Stakes for MLB Postseason Betting

The opening round of this year’s expanded MLB playoffs is officially in the books. The matchups for the best-of-five divisional series round are set. The top favorites in both the American and National League have advanced as expected.

There are also a few wild card teams left in the field looking to shake things up. As a private bookmaker, now is the time to turn to a quality pay per head site to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Now is the Time to Focus on MLB Action

The 2019/2020 NHL campaign is finally over. The Tampa Bay Lightning were able to redeem themselves from an epic collapse the season before by winning this season’s Stanley Cup.

The Los Angeles Lakers are poised to make good on all the NBA futures bets by winning this season’s championship as favorites. However, the Miami Heat decided to make things interesting with their recent Game 3 win. Either way, there are only four more betting games at the most in that major betting sports league.

One mistake too common with private bookies is a heavy dependency on the NFL this time of the year. MLB betting almost gets put on the backburner during the most exciting time for the games. This year’s MLB bubble plan for the final three postseason rounds only makes things more interesting.

How to Fine-Tune Your Focus on MLB Action

Working with your PPH service, you can build out a MLB betting board that would rival even the biggest commercial online books when it comes to betting options. Beyond the games themselves, there are series price odds, MLB futures and MLB props.

You can spice things up with adjusted and alternative run line odds. Bets on the first five innings of play are another great way to wager on the games. Props alone cover quite a bit of territory. Along with all the team and player props that accompany every game, there are now series props covering the action as each of these matchups wear on.

You can give your betting customers the option to becoming fortune tellers. Not only can they bet on which team will win the series, they can bet on how many games, the exact series outcome, the OVER/UNDER on total games played. These are just a few examples of how series props are worked into the picture during this World Series run.

Once the MLB postseason advances to the championship series in each league and the World Series itself, there will be less games but even more betting opportunities.

Fast, Sharp Lines & Bookie Services Providers

Today’s top-rated pay per head sites have access to the same oddsmaking services that the big commercial books turn to for their betting lines. Those same PPH services also employ in-house sports betting experts that can fine tune those lines to make them as sharp as possible.

As a private bookie, you always have the option to build out your betting board to best meet your business needs. You should never run the risk of losing even one bet on something you could not offer.

As part of your pay per head package, you will also have the right online business tools to make instant changes to your board while adjusting individual game lines. It is far easier to capitalize on opportunities upfront as opposed to dealing with issues after the fact.