Pay Per Head Real Time Bet Ticker Options

Real time information is a very important aspect of running any type of business on your own, especially if you are an independent sports bookmaker taking in action for a wide variety of sports on a daily basis. Knowing your position on both sides of any matchup as the betting action rolls in is the only way that you can keep your lines sharp and your exposure balanced.


Today’s top Pay Per Head online bookie software providers fully understand and appreciate the value of real time information as it pertains to your private bookie business and one of the most vital online business tools they can provide is a running bet ticker that allows you to monitor every single wager as it is actually placed. Bets will continually scroll across your computer screen or hand-held mobile device throughout the day so you will always stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking how much is being bet on either side of a game as well as which one of your customers is actually placing the bet.

Line Adjustments

Just about every one of today’s major Pay Per Head sites in the Internet sports betting industry also offers you the ability to continually adjust and move your betting lines based on the action coming in at no added cost other than the weekly price per head fee you pay for your active betting customers. This gives you the high level of control that is needed to successfully run and manage your own sportsbook. You will also have the opportunity to change your betting board at any given time to best meet your particular business needs.

A real time bet ticker can also keep you constantly updated to all the daily action coming in across your entire sports betting customer base. While it is very important to always know who is betting on what and how much, it is also very important to know which of your customers are holding back on their bets or not even betting at all. Knowledge is power when it comes to running your own business and you always want to ensure that you have the opportunities to take potential issues and turn them into money making opportunities.

Business Tools

Today’s sophisticated price per head online sportsbook management software solutions are designed to help you, as a private bookie, completely level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. To successfully compete against these big online sports betting operations, you need to have the same business tools in place and the good news is that today’s top-of-the-line PPH software packages would easily rival what even the biggest books are using to power their million dollar websites.

Another important benefit of having a real time bet ticker in place is to gain a better understanding of your bookie business as a whole. Individual account profiles help to paint a fairly accurate picture of any particular customer’s betting habits and tendencies, but until you gain a better understanding of how the actual betting action comes in for each individual betting option you offer, a big part of this picture is missing.

Sophisticated betting reports based on the daily activity coming across your screen can provide some very valuable insight into the day-to-day administrative side of your bookie business. There is some real value in making business decisions based on real time factual data as opposed to trying to fill in the blanks with guesswork and assumptions. Having the right tools in place to gather these valuable analytics can go a long way towards taking your private bookie business to a whole new level of success that you might have only dreamed about in the past.