Pay Per Head Soccer Betting Lines Highlight June’s Board

The slow road to recovery in the sports betting industry will get a huge boost in the month of June. Two high profile international soccer leagues will join Germany’s Bundesliga with live matches. The top-rated pay per head sites can provide private bookies with various betting options for all three of these leagues and more.

Spain’s La Liga returns to the field of play on Thursday June 11 with a match between Sevilla and Betis. The most notable team in that league is Barcelona. That team returns to play on Saturday, June 13 as a -290 favorite against Mallorca.

Less than a week later on Wednesday, June 17, Manchester City and Arsenal face one another in the English Premier League. Manchester City opened as a -270 favorite in that match.

The addition of multiple international soccer leagues to your betting board is the first step towards rebuilding the sports betting weekly revenue your private bookie business took in. Plans are in the works for a return to action for major betting leagues such as the NBA, NHL and MLB. However, soccer can be a very viable way to engage your entire sports betting customer base right now.

Just about any avid sports bettor can identify with soccer and the three leagues mentioned above. That is just the start of it with soccer starting back up in many European countries such as Denmark, Belarus and Czech Republic.

Marketing The Games

The first step to capitalizing on soccer’s return is creating a marketing plan that can engage your entire sports betting customer base. If international soccer was a big betting sport for your bookie operation, this should be rather easy to do.

Even if you never took in action on soccer in the past, this is still a really good way to start pulling in some weekly revenue with the proper plan in place. Working with your pay per head site, make sure your betting board starts with the sharpest lines possible. The best PPH services offer fast and easy access to all the soccer lines you need.

You can build out the board in a way that best meets your particular business needs. Yet, you also want to use your pay per head bookie services to level the playing field against all the big commercial online sportsbook that will also be leveraging soccer to bring in additional business.

Putting Your Plan Into Action

There should be two separate components designed into your soccer marketing plan. The first is to grab the attention of your complete betting base. Even if accounts have been inactive for the past few months, this is your chance to get those bettors back into the game.

The other key component is attracting a few new customers to your bookie services. This starts with a professional online business presence. This can be created by your customized online website that is part of your pay per head service. Once again, the goal is to level the playing field against your biggest competition.

First impressions are lasting impressions. That means that your online betting site needs to be up to date and easy to navigate. This is your most powerful online marketing tool. It can be used in conjunction with targeted social media outlets to successfully reach the ideal sports betting customers you are looking for.