Pay Per Head Solutions for the NBA Finals

The month of June marks the start of the NBA Finals. This best-of-seven showdown is the featured sports betting event of the entire NBA season. As a private bookie, you need to make the most of this opportunity with the slower summer months looming ahead.

The best way to fully capitalize on this high-profile betting event is by working with a top-rated pay per head site to fully build out your betting board. Your active betting base is always looking for new and interesting ways to bet on sports’ biggest events.

Avid sports bettors understand the concept of diversifying their betting strategy. By building out your betting board through a pay per head service run by sports betting experts, you are actually creating a way to build your overall betting handle while also improving your hold on that added volume.

Best of all, a built-out sports betting board can increase profit without having to necessarily increase your active betting base. By maximizing the betting potential of your current active bettors, you will maintain your weekly cost for pay per head booking services. The extra money made on the higher hold goes right to your bottom line.

Making the Most of the NBA Finals

The championship series in the NBA has been rather consistent in pitting the two best teams in the league against one another. Longshots in NBA futures bets do not pay off as the ‘best of the best’ find a way to rise to the top.

The star power on teams playing in the NBA Finals tends to be rather high as another huge attraction. The top betting markets for the actual games will always be point spread and total line bets. You can add to that action by featuring attractive odds for NBA money line bets.

Where your PPH service can really help to build out your NBA Finals board is through an extended list of player props. Some pay per head sites are now offering a custom prop builder tool as part of their software solutions package. This lets you customers design the props they are looking for. The sports betting experts at your PPH site will be able to set the proper betting odds.

The more leeway you can give your customers when it comes to add-on bets such as player props, the more you can increase your betting volume. Give the nature of props bets in general, this is also the best way to build your hold on the bigger handle.

Straight bets on the spread and total basically offer a 50/50 outcome with the betting lean towards favorites and OVER. Props can break things up by spreading the money and potential exposure out across the board.

Using the NBA Finals to Expand Your Active Base

Even casual NBA fans are looking to get in on all the action when the championship series rolls around. You can work with your PPH sports betting experts on building a NBA betting board that would rival what even the biggest commercial sportsbooks have to offer.

Your NBA Finals board suddenly becomes an effective marketing tool for your bookie business as a whole. By adding on a few extra customers for this event, you have a good chance at retaining most of those new customers on a full-time basis.