Pay Per Head Solutions for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

The only thing more exciting than the NHL Stanley Cup Finals is betting on the games. This final best-of-seven showdown between the league’s top two teams offers one last chance to build a profitable NHL betting handle through your active betting base.

Even casual hockey bettors get excited when the outcome of every game hangs in the balance with the winner moving one step closer to a Stanley Cup title. If you are in the process of putting together an effective marketing plan to take full advantage of this unique betting opportunity, your first step is aligning your bookie business with the proper pay per head site.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions

The key to maxing out your profit potential on the Stanley Cup Finals is by building out your betting board with a wide variety of options. All the top-rated pay per head sites employ in-house sports betting experts that can help you accomplish this task.

In most cases, these in-house line setting professionals also work with external oddsmakers to create sharp lines that cover all the bases. As a bookie agent, you have a limited window to maximize the betting potential of each of your active sports betting customers. Through a diversified NHL betting board, you can build a bigger handle while also increasing your overall hold on that added volume.

Adding extra betting customers for this one, final series is always an option. However, by taking full advantage of every possible NHL betting market, you can increase your handle and hold without having to expand your active base.

Since you only pay a weekly fee for active bettors, this strategy puts more money in your pocket by maintaining the cost of your pay per head services.

Expanding the Full Lineup of Pay Per Head NHL Betting Markets

Most of the betting action you take in for the Stanley Cup Finals will revolve around the money line odds and total line for each game of the series. To a lesser extent, you will also book some bets on the puck line.
Those markets make up the bulk of the betting action. Yet, they barely scratch the surface of every option available.

One popular betting category for this event is series price odds. Other than betting on the favorite vs. the underdog, series price odds can be expanded though a wide range of series price props. How many games will be played? An odd or even series result? Series odds after each game?

The list of possibilities goes on and on as far as Stanley Cup Finals series props. You can also build out your betting board with a full lineup of betting options for each individual game. Customized props can be used to expand the betting options for individual players. The more the better when it comes to fully engaging your entire betting base.

The best way to bet on the NHL Stanley Cup Finals is after the games have gotten underway. Your pay per head site can set you up with a live board that is constantly being updated based on what has already taken place.

By working with the right pay per head site, you can keep the playing field level against even the biggest commercial sportsbooks in the game. By exceeding the betting needs of your customers on a continual basis, you are guaranteed to max out your betting potential.