Advantages of Using a Pay Per Head Service

Welcome to our world. We can make your world better. Whether you have 3 clients or 600, using a pay per head service such as ours here at will grow your business. Using this service will change the way you do business and boost profits like you have never realized.
A common misnomer when thinking of switching to a price per head service; is the cost. Many people think that it’s expensive and unaffordable. This is simply not true. We can get you started today for just $10 per head. That’s just $10 per head, per week and this is how it works.

1. You pay, when players play.
2. If they do not play in any given week, then you do not pay.
3. If they play once in a week, then you pay $10 for that player, for that week.
4. The player can play as many times as he wishes, per week (unlimited bets) for the one low price of $10 per week.

What does this include for the client?

Full internet wagering access that includes a state of the art wagering platform, offering every popular way to bet on sports, from teasers to reverse action, prop lines, futures, totals, live lines, dynamic lines and much more.
A huge selection of sports to wager on, including much more than just the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. We offer an industry competitive array of sports and sports venues, worldwide.

1. 24/7 English speaking, customer service.
2. Full casino access with the popular games and tables.
3. Full race book access, including more than 100 tracks, both major and non-major.
4. Quick and easy deposit options.
5. Hassle free withdrawal options.

What does this include for you, the bookie?
1. 24/7 English speaking, customer service with industry trained professionals that can answer all or any of the questions, problems, or needs that you may have.
2. A fully functional online sportsbook, casino and racebook, that’s completely turnkey, ready and usable.
3. State of the art bookie software that is super user friendly, for both you and your client.
4. Payments, we take care of all deposits.
5. Withdrawals, you will never have to hunt someone down to pay them or have players showing up at the office or your home.
6.Accounting and financial reports.
7. Player profiles, complete player information, helping you to know the player’s habits.
8. Cash flow, real time reports that show exactly every dollar taken in and every dollar paid out.
9. Weekly player balances, you can know exactly how many players were active and how many players have open and/or pending wagers
10. Up time, with our exclusive patented, state of the art security wagering software we guarantee an 99% up time. There simply is no down time.

If you are currently a bookie or thinking of becoming a bookie you need a price per head service. It’s necessary if you want to grow and make large profits.

The days of running down to the corner and asking the bookie to give you a “nickel” on the Giants game; those days are long over. Bookies can no longer keep up with the demand. There are too many people gambling.

Think what it takes to keep up with a handful of players, you know, handwriting tickets, hand grading tickets, keeping track of the money, keeping track of credit. With, you can change everything.

Make your life easier and forget the old ways of doing business. The old antiquated ways are killing your profits mainly because players like to wager online. They don’t want to run all over town or having to make phone calls from work. They want to gamble from the privacy of their mobile device or laptop.

You will have full access to and as much input as you like when considering how you want the site to look. It’s your site and our technical experts will work with you in customizing everything to your specifications.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the pay per head industry makes a trusted leader. Bookies love us and what we offer, we have grade A, top notch reviews all over the internet and we are consistently ranked as a leader in customer satisfaction.

The good news is; we can get you started today, we can have you up and running in very little time. Our goal is to offer the highest quality service with the fairest price point available. There are many pay per head companies online today, however, they are not all created equal. Some will offer you the sun, moon and stars for nothing but always remember, in this business; you get what you pay for. Thanks for taking the time to check us out at and get ready to see profits soar.