Pennsylvania: A Big State that Loves to Bet on Sports

No matter where you may be from in Pennsylvania, there is some connection to sports. Some of the biggest names in the NFL are from this great state and no matter where you hang your hat, people love to bet. When most people think of Pennsylvania they think of Philadelphia and all the way across the state to Pittsburgh. Both of these cities have a lot to offer the sports gambler including the Steelers, the Pirates, and the Penguins. Jump over to Philly and you have the Eagles, the Phillies, the Flyers, and the 76ers. Both cities are crazy about their sports teams and they are some of the most passionate fans in the entire country. Philadelphia boasts tough fans, but knowledgeable. Never underestimate the knowledge of a sports fan from Philadelphia.

Not only are the two largest cities in the state of Pennsylvania the hubs for pro sports, but the rest of the state should not be forgotten. Penn State has a perennial top ten NCAA football team as well as basketball and more Division I programs which include Bucknell, Drexel, Duquesne, Pittsburgh, St. Josephs, Temple, and Villanova. Bookies are looking at Philly for the depth chart. There are thousands upon thousands of fans that love to gamble on their teams. Philly and Pittsburgh are blue-collar cities – the folks work hard, they play hard and they want to beat the bookie. You need them, go find them and offer them what they want. They want an online sportsbook that’s reliable, and trustworthy. Now you can give them everything they want with the help of a pay per head.

Reasons to choose a pay per head—

  1. You must have an online presence if you want to make a load of money and retain players. Get online now. It’s difficult to set up an online sportsbook unless you happen to have the kind of experience that it takes to do so. The pay per head solution makes this process an easy one.
  2. You must offer your clients the kind of service they would expect from any online sportsbook. How can you do that if you are not online? Get online and have an 800 number that your client can call from the US. Your clients may want to bet when you are not working, what does that mean? It means they can call you anytime day or night and you can do nothing about it. Get online!
  3. The pay per head combines a white label online sportsbook with a world-class racebook and Las Vegas-style casino. You get all three in one. You must offer all three if you want to make a six-figure income. The casino is your breadwinner. Use the casino to your advantage. Sports bettors love to gamble and when there isn’t a game to bet on, they go to the casino. If you don’t offer it, someone will.
  4. The pay per head does all of the bookie duties for you such as accounting and player reports. If you want to make money, then you had better stay on top of your players. You need daily reports that tell you exactly who is beating you and who you are beating.
  5. Setting daily sporting events is a chore and you had better be up to the task if you want to be a bookie. You must set the daily events and set them every day. There is literally something to bet on 365 days of the year and your players will come calling. The pay per head does this task for you.
  6. Lines and odds are a must, and you have to set them daily, on every event and every prop line that you offer. This is not easy, and it can also cost you a pile of money in losses if you don’t know what you’re doing. The pay per head, sets the daily lines for you. You have the ability to adjust them at will.

The Pennsylvania market is hot for bookies because gamblers are playing now more than ever before. Now is the time to find the best pay per head on the web and use a free trial offer to get started. Once you do sign up the cost is affordable at $10 per head. You have everything to gain, and your players will love you.