Digital Wager Recording System

Realbookies has been one of the leaders in the Pay Per Head industry for sports bookmakers since we started operating in San Jose, Costa Rica over 15 years ago.

Over those years we have earned a reputation for not only providing expert customer service through our state-of-the-art call center, but for being innovators in the PPH field as well.

One of Realbookies’ most popular innovations is Digital Wager Recording. We now have the capability to digitally record every incoming and outgoing call.

Every online wager through our sportsbook, racebook and casino are also digitally time stamped and matched with phone extensions and/or IP address locations.

We then archive the information contained in these recordings for 90 days.

The benefit to you of our Digital Wager Recording system as a bookmaking agent can be priceless as part of the low weekly per head fee you pay for your active customers.

These recordings are available on demand and they can be used to assist you in resolving any discrepancy with a customer that may arise. These recordings act as the final determining factor to settling any dispute.

These recordings are 100 percent confidential and completely protected by an encrypted data base storage and management protocol strategy. Recordings and any other archived information are made available to the master agent and they can only be accessed with the use of an account name and password.

Realbookies has set the Gold Standard when it comes to protecting our members and providing PPH resources.

Digital Wager Recording is just one of the many ways that Realbookies can add value to the per head fees you pay. We have gone to great lengths and expense to developing and training our call center representatives to make them the best the PPH industry has to offer.

We have put a heavy emphasis on communication skills as these are the cornerstone of any customer service team. These ladies and gentlemen prides themselves in the job they do as experts in the bookmaking field.

This all English speaking staff is comprised of experienced and professional bookmaking personnel. From our customer support agents and wagering clerks all the way to our line makers and movers, the secret to our continued success in a very competitive industry is the knowledge and skills they each bring to the table.

Some of these representatives have over 40 years of risk management experience in the offshore gaming industry.

Digital Wager Recording helps to pull everything together in one nice neat package. Customer disputes are not commonplace at Realbookies, but unfortunately they do pop up from time to time.

Having a recorded tape of every transaction has proven to be a quick and productive way to easily get to the bottom of things to as far as the actual facts of the case.

Our representatives are also trained in conflict resolution so they also know the right approach to take to clear any of these issues up to satisfaction of everyone involved.

This is an extremely value marketing tool for a bookmaker master agent when it comes to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Realbookies fully understands that the primary point of difference between you as an independent business and the big offshore sportsbooks that you constantly compete against is the high level of personal attention and customer support you can provide.

Digital Wager Recording has proven to be a huge plus to making your customers confident in both your business and Realbookies as a means to getting things right on a consistent basis.