Player Management Reports With Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Anyone who is interested in running and managing an independent sportsbook needs the proper business tools to be successful. Booking a large volume of sports bets without those tools in place to help track and monitor every aspect of the process is a sure-fire way to make this a very short-lived venture.

Sports bettors want to get paid when they win. They will often times also need some gentle reminders to pay their debts on the bets that they lose. Without detailed player management reports recapping every single aspect of their online sports betting account, it becomes rather hard to run and manage your own private book.

Fortunately, the full arsenal of Pay Per Head bookie software business reports can quickly and accurately give you everything you need in a format that is clear and concise in its presentation. Having the right price per head shop by your side becomes an invaluable business resource that is well worth the low, weekly price per head fee you pay for any active sports betting customer.

Player Management

Player management in general is a big part of the daily workload for a private bookie. Some days may be rather slow in this department and other days can be make or break events if there are too many surprises thrown your way. You need to move your betting lines and make changes to your betting board that can best protect your business interests. The ability to break everything down on a player by player basis is the best way to maintain complete control of your entire sports betting base.

Setting up detailed account profiles for each betting customer is the first and most important step in the entire player management process. This is where you can set any credit or betting limits you wish to have in place. The information contained in these individual account profiles can then be rolled up and combined to paint a very accurate picture of your bookie business as a whole. Changes can be made as needed on a regular basis with the software’s edit capabilities.

Action by Player

Given the sometimes volatile nature of sports betting, one of your top priorities as a private bookie should be always staying way out in front of the daily betting action coming in. It is important to understand how your customers are betting any particular game in order to properly adjust your betting lines. Not only can your pay per head software given you a real time, accurate look at the action coming as a whole, it can break things down on a player by player basis. You will instantly know which betting customers are moving things one way or the other through their recent activity. This report can also detail how the bets were placed which is also helpful to know.

Player Standing

It is always a good idea to know just how a player stands at any given point in time. This is especially true for any bookmaker extending credit terms to bettors. Most bookies will use the player standing report as a weekly recap of all of their activity. This can be extremely helpful if you also run your own racebook for horses and an online casino.

Player Access

A player access report can be very helpful in tracking all activity on an individual basis. The access report not only shows you when a bet was placed, it can also show you were and how the bet was placed. This is a great way to monitor the betting patterns and habits for each of your betting customers.