Automated Player Reports

24/7 online access to accounting reports on your players. That’s what you get with our software.

Any bookmaker will tell you that keeping meticulous records is an absolute must to staying in business. Indeed, it is the lifeblood of a bookmaking operation. There isn’t any room for mistakes. That’s because a mistake can cost thousands of dollars, if you’re involved to a substantial degree. And let’s face it – there is never an opportune time to make an error.

If you are utilizing a Price Per Head sportsbook, you are in business as a “private” bookmaker. While it is true that the bets your customers make are being sent through electronic means, and could also be produced with a phone call to a service representative, there is still a very personal component to the business. Of course, that’s because settling up is not something that is done online, but rather, on a face-to-face basis with the customer, whether that’s you or someone who works for you.

When you make a mistake in an interaction that has such a personal element to it, you just can’t blow the customer off. You have to deal with it. That’s the commitment you have made. That is your end of it; the relationship you have with your customers of one of trust, and that’s the key. And that’s why it makes sense to have a system on hand that allows you to keep tabs on where you stand at all times, so you can minimize the possibility of mistakes.

Reporting Tools

With, you’re in luck, because you can access the transactions, results, records and status of every player in real time. Isn’t that exactly what you want to have at your disposal? The last thing you want is to get confused. Can you imagine giving the line out for a football game at one number for one customer and a different number for another, and then the game lands in the middle? If you aren’t clear as to precisely what happened in those transactions, which you did not handle yourself, you could have trouble.

Thank God for the system has set up for its agents.

All bookmakers want to know where their players stand as well. Which ones are in trouble? Remember, you want them to be able to pay you, so you can avoid that “slow pay” situation. And who is hurting you? It may be worth it to know about that too. In short, you want to know everything possible about your players. Why wouldn’t you?

Well, none of this is a problem with RealBookies, which offers the package to you for $10 per head, per week. You get your access codes that allow you to look into any of your records at any time of the day. There are no secrets, no headaches, no hassles.

Seriously, what is the objective of an agent when getting set up with a Price Per Head (PPH) model? Well, obviously there is a time element involved, because when things are being done in an automated fashion, or when others are shouldering the load of some tasks and freeing you up to do other things that you do better, that can have some very beneficial effects.


Another reason to go with PPH involves the element of control. When you are an agent you want to have as much control as possible over your account. That includes a lot of things, including looking at the real-time records concerning every player you have. With RealBookies you don’t have to ask permission to do any of this. And whatever your players are doing, their identity does not have to be known to anybody on our end. They are your responsibility. We are the conduit; look upon us as the facilitator that makes it possible for you to enjoy the freedom to operate on the same level as any leading online sportsbook on the planet.

If you are interested in truly learning to “fly” as an online sports betting business, your best alternative is going the Price Per Head route with the folks at RealBookies.