Player Standings Reports

Your Pay Per Head service is not just a vital tool to help you manage the administrative side of your book making business, it’s state-of-the-art software package can provide a wealth of information to help establish and grow your business through a wide array of player management reports.

One of the most comprehensive analyses you can run when it comes to tracking player activity is the “Player Standings” report. Players are the lifeblood of any book making business so it is extremely important to remain up to speed at all times on the current status of each and every one of their accounts.


The summary page of the Players Standings report is a quick snapshot that can quickly display their current credit limit, that week’s betting total, the amount at risk and their current balance. This report can also break down action across sports betting, horse racing and casino gambling on a weekly basis.

The real meat of this report is the “Player Menu” tab which is accessed by clicking onto a player’s individual account number in the Players Standings section. This part of the report is basically set-up as a player profile page where you have the ability to view anything and everything you need to know about their account.

Interactive Report

This is an interactive report where you will be able to edit a player’s settings for things such as online access, the sportsbook, the casino, the racebook and parlay cards. This is an excellent control feature to better help you manage your players on a case-by-case basis. One of the most important benefits of the Player Menu is the ability to set a player’s betting limits.

You can set a temporary credit limit for a player if you need to as well as their running credit limit for all of their action. You can also set limits for a maximum and minimum wager overall as well as online with wagers made through your company’s website.

Another key feature of the Player Menu is the Player Analysis.

This is an extensive summary of all of their action over the course of the current week and month as well as in three month, six month and one year time frames. You can also view lifetime figures for this player in terms of overall volume and a total win/loss figure.

Right below the Player Analysis there is a tab to track any Open Bets this player may currently have. This can be sorted by wager type, sport and dollar amount wagered. This is a handy feature to help you further track a player’s current standing.

At the far right-hand side of the Player Menu report are two more sections that address a player’s current balance. The top section is a summary box that starts with their credit limit followed by a current balance, amount at risk, available balance and any balance that exists for any free plays that may have been issued.

The bottom section is a summary of a player’s Weekly Balance Forwarded for both the current and previous week. It then goes on to break things down on a daily basis starting with Monday’s balance and continues right through Sunday. The bottom two figures in this box will track any payments made as well as the ending balance of that player’s account.

At first glance the Player Menu can be a bit imposing given the wealth of information it actually provides, but this report is really the nerve center of your business. It breaks down your entire business to it most basic element; player activity. The ability to track, monitor and control player activity is a key tool to the overall successful management of your entire book making business.