Popular Bets Offered By Realbookies

This is an overview of some of the bets offered by our pay per head software. Please note that not all of our betting menu is listed in this article. For a complete list that will be offered to your players, please sign up today.

Football and basketball are unquestionably two of the more popular sports that customers wager on. On each game there is a pointspread established, along with a total, which represents the total number of points scored in the game, and a money line, which pays on the “straight-up” winner. If you are working with RealBookie’s Price Per Head (PPH) sportsbook package, you will be able to offer a lot of other things to your customers, including halftime lines, as well as lines on each quarter of play, and certain props that involve key performers.

There are also the “exotic” bets, which have proven to be extremely popular. If you are an agent, there is no doubt that a major part of your constituency wants to make a “score” on any given day, and some of the exotics represent an opportunity to do just that, if a sports bettor gets very lucky.

Let’s go over some of them:

Parlay – With a parlay, the bettor combines a group of teams together in the hope that they all win. They can be in the same sport, but you can’t put different props fro the same game into a parlay. One can, however, use events in different sports. There is a parlay payout table available for players to take a look at, but just to give you an example, a four-team parlay will return 11-to-1, while a “five-teamer” pays off at 22-to-1 odds.

Teaser – This operates like a parlay, except that you get to move a certain number of points in your favor for every event that is in the teaser, in order to improve your chances of winning. So if you have a six-point teaser on two teams, you are going to move those points wherever you want. To use an example, if you have the Cowboys at -6 and the Raiders at +6, and you wanted to put them into a two-team, six-point teaser where you like Dallas and Oakland, you could then have the Cowboys at pick’em and the Raiders at +12. If you win, you’ll be paid at -110.

There are numerous types of teasers, involving any number of teams and any number of points. A “super teaser,” which is also known as a “special teaser,” where you can put together three or five teams, receive more points than a regular teaser, but get paid less. If you have a tie in a super teaser, you lose the whole thing. You might be able to get a three-team, ten-point teaser, for instance, but you’d be laying a price for doing so.

Pleaser – A pleaser operates just the opposite of a teaser, in that instead of moving the line a certain number of points in your favor, you are moving that line AWAY from you. So in the example above, if we had a pleaser instead of a teaser with the Cowboys and Raiders, we would be laying twelve points with Dallas and getting the Raiders at pick’em. Of course, we would win more than with a teaser; winning that two-teamer in the “ties win” scenario would bring +550.

If-Bet – These wagers work like a chain, in that they are a group of bets, but the action will only go further if each succeeding wager wins. So if you are betting the 1 PM NFL game, then a 4 PM game, then the night game, then the Monday game, put together in an “If-Bet” scenario, you must win the 1 PM game first. If you don’t, it’s over. We did that to simplify it for you; chronology need not be a factor when placing the If-Bet. They are in your own order of preference. So you might even be waiting for a later game to end and the result to be in the books for the bet on the earlier game to have any meaning.

Reverse – This is also known as an “action reverse,” and it is a series of two or more “If-Bets” that work going in both directions. You have two different sequences, and you are laying down the same money for each sequence.

In the reverse bet, the second bet listed will only go forward if the first bet wins. Because of the nature of the payouts, the customer can limit his risk for the opportunity to win nicely just by hitting both teams. If you bet horses, it’s not much different than betting an exacta. If you hit both, you’re going to do well.