PPH Bookie Services can Build Out Your 2021 NFL Draft Prop Board

Pay Per Head bookie services can provide fast and sharp betting lines for every sport and sporting event. However, nothing catches a bettor’s attention faster than betting options for the National Football League. Football is still the No. 1 betting attraction among US players lead by NFL as the top pro league for placing bets.

It is a long and brutal wait between one season’s Super Bowl and the next season’s Week 1 games. However, the annual NFL Draft offers a chance for some live betting action during the offseason. This year’s college player draft will take place in Cleveland, Ohio from Thursday, April 29 through Saturday, May 1.

Create a Custom NFL Draft Prop Bet Board

Thursday’s opening round of 32 picks will capture most of the attention. However, you can extend your betting options to Friday’s next two rounds and Saturday’s final four rounds with the help of your pay per head oddsmaking capabilities.

The only limit to the scope and range of prop bet options for the draft is the imagination of the oddsmakers. The top pay per head sites have access to the best external line setting services in the world. Many employ their own in-house sports betting experts to aid in the oddsmaking process.

By working closely with your bookie services provider, you can create a NFL Draft prop board that sets you apart from the competition. Your PPH service can also help you market your betting board to existing customers as well as prospective ones.

Your NFL Draft Handle Equates to a High Hold

Betting on the NFL Draft is getting bigger and bigger each year. It exploded in 2020 when just about every live sports betting event was grounded. Anticipation for this year’s draft continues to grow with one of the deepest fields for quarterbacks in recent years.

It should be easy to get your customer base excited about betting on the 2021 NFL Draft coming off last year’s event. Given the nature of betting props, the higher the handle you can generate, the higher your hold will be on those bets.

The draft in the NFL, and to a lesser extent the NBA, are perfect examples of how the right PPH service can help you make the most of the various special betting events that pop up throughout the year.

As a private bookie, you also need to have the ability to level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to an expanded betting board for these events. You never want to give your betting customers a reason to look elsewhere for action that is not available through your bookie operation.

Expect More From Your Pay Per Head Provider

If you are currently working with a PPH site that cannot meet all of your business needs when it comes to lines and odds for every betting event, it is time to move on and find one that can. The best bookie service sites in today’s pay per head industry have set themselves apart from the competition.

The ‘best of the best’ in pay per head bookie services are working with an online betting platform and software solutions that would rival what the biggest commercial books are using to power their betting sites.