Private Bookies Level the Playing Field with Pay Per Head

The sports betting industry has always been highly competitive and, with the move to online betting in recent years, it has become competitive as ever. With legal sports betting popping in states such as New Jersey, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, things are only going to get tougher for all the players in the game.

If you are running and managing your own independent sportsbook as a private bookie, you still have the clear edge on outside competition as long as you have a quality Pay Per Head service on your team. The offshore sportsbooks taking action online may have the edge in size and financial resources and states that are just starting up with sports betting are eventually going to impact the market. However, the private bookies of the world still control the lion’s share of the entire multi-billion sports betting industry.

The main benefit that you as a private bookie can bring to the table is a much higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for more than the typical online sportsbook can offer when it comes to account management. The big books are very good at what they do, but they do not have the manpower to cater to players in a way that a private bookie can.

Top-Notch Service

Just because you do have that edge, does not guarantee success. As a private bookie, you need find a way to match all the other services an online sportsbook can offer to their customers. This is where a top-notch price per head shop can more than justify the low, weekly fee they charge for each of your active betting customers. They have developed and refined the necessary online sports betting software solutions to level the playing field with the big online books. They can quickly get your bookie business up and running online with an operating system that would rival what even the biggest online books are using to power their million-dollar websites.

It all starts with your betting board and fast and easy access to all the betting lines and odds your customers are looking for. Too many private bookies make the mistake of limiting the betting options offered. The last thing that you want to do is lose even one of your betting customers because they went elsewhere for a bet they could not place with your bookie services.

Expanding your betting board to mirror what the big books are offering is really in your best interest. Up front it looks like more action to manage with possible increased risk. The reality is that an expanded board is one of the best ways to grow your overall revenue while adding solid profit to your bottom line.

Pick & Choose

Matching all the betting options that the typical online sportsbook offers should also be a vital part of your sales and marketing plan to expand and grow your bookie business. One of the best things about being a private bookie is the ability to pick and choose which sports bettors you take action from. That does not mean that you should stay limited in your overall betting clientele. Adding more recreational bettors to the fold will increase your current hold percentage which translates to more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

To successfully compete with any sportsbook, you need to understand and duplicate their strengths while also uncovering and exploiting their weaknesses. As a private bookie working with a first-rate PPH service, you already have a built-in edge over any outside competition you may face as long as you take the proper steps to take full advantage of that edge.