Profit From Pay Per Head Software With Contests and Money Pools

As a private bookie, you make most of your money on the sports betting volume you bring in. With the right pay per head bookie software service in place, you can also profit from running an online racebook and casino.

One of the latest software innovations offered by a few of the top-rated pay per head services is software to hold your own sports betting contests and money pools.

One of your main goals as an independent bookmaker is to keep the playing field leveled against the big commercial sportsbooks that you still have to compete against to a certain extent.

As a way to attract sports bettors to their online betting platform, most commercial books will run weekly contests and money pools during the busiest times of the annual sports calendar. This includes survivor pools and weekly squares contests for the NFL season along with basketball bracket contests for March Madness.

The software solutions designed to stage contests and money pools can cover quite a bit of ground with any number of options to engage your entire customer base.

By signing on with a PPH service offering contests and money pools at no extra cost to your weekly PPH plan, you now have the flexibility to use this add-on as an incentive-based marketing tool or as another profit center.

Using Pay Per Head Contests & Money Pools and a Marketing Tool

Many of the big commercial books will tie weekly deposits or online betting activity to free entries into any contests and money pools offered. They are used as an added incentive to bet on sports.

Free entries are part of the overall promotional plan. They are also another way these books entice new customers to open an online betting account.

As a private bookie, you can employ the same strategy to further market your sports betting services. The pay per head software to run contests and money pools is easy to use and flexible towards your business needs.

You can tie free entries into these contests and money pools in any fashion that your choose. Maybe your active customers can gain entry into a weekly NFL squares contest through every three-team parlay they bet for that week’s games.

How your customers can enter any contest or money pool is entirely up to you. The prizes up for grabs is also controlled on your end. The end result is a powerful marketing tool to help promote your bookie business.

Using Pay Per Head Contests & Money Pools as a Profit Center

With the same PPH software solution in place to run weekly contests and pools, you can turn this activity into a profit center by charging a nominal entry fee. You can then use half the fees collected as a prize pool with the other half going straight to your bottom line profit.

Avid sports bettors are always looking for new ways to add more excitement to the games. A weekly Pick’Em contest for the NFL season lets your customers test their handicapping skills against the rest of the field.

These types of contests can be adapted for all the major betting sports. Along with the added profit from charging entry fees, you are also keeping your customer base fully engaged in your bookie services on an ongoing basis.