Profit With Pay Per Head MLB Playoff Betting Lines

The MLB regular season is six months long covering 30 teams playing a 162-game schedule. That creates quite a lucrative opportunity to make a nice profit booking action on this sport as a private bookie.

Whether you already take in a fairly large amount of betting action on baseball or none at all, now is the time to work closely with your pay per head online sports betting software provider to fully capitalize on the upcoming MLB postseason.

Pay Per Head Fast and Sharp MLB Game Lines

The three most popular ways to bet on baseball games are:

  • A straight-up moneyline bet
  • The OVER/UNDER on the total line
  • An added 1.5-run spread with corresponding money-line odd (Run Line)

These bets can also be parlayed together and used in conjunction with a number of other exotic plays. You can also add a 5-inning line which covers the results from the first half of the game.

Starting with two wild card games in a one-and-done format, the winners advance to the league division series against the top seed from the American and National League. The other two division winners in each league play one another in two best-of-five division series.

The winners of the league division series will then face one another in a best-of-seven league championship series for the right to move on to the annual World Series. This is another best-of-seven series for each season’s MLB title.

Working with your pay per head site, you can offer betting lines for all the games. The interest in MLB betting action is at its highest during the month of October. This year, you once again have big-market teams such as the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers that offer wide-scale appeal. You also have some new faces such as the Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics in the AL.

The St. Louis Cardinals are back in the playoffs in the NL along with Atlanta, Washington and Milwaukee. While a Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series would have the biggest appeal to MLB fans and bettors, a rematch of the 2017 World Series between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles is more likely as the two best teams in the Majors.

Pay Per Head MLB Futures and Game Props

Another great way to bring in some added revenue and bottom-line profits is by building out your pay per head betting board with MLB futures and game props. The future bets include winning each league pennant as well as the 2019 World Series.

You could also post betting odds for the exact matchup in this year’s championship series. As a complementary futures bet, you can post betting odds to win the World Series for the National League and the American League as a whole. Most of the early betting odds have the AL as the favorite to win.

One of the most popular MLB bets is the series price odds. While during the regular season they are based on a typical three-game set, the playoff series price will include the entire league divisional and championship series leading right up to the World Series price.

You can also list a series of game prop bet options for every MLB postseason contest. Starting with the two wild card games, you could take action on things such as:

  • Team to score first
  • Score in the first inning
  • Total runs, hits and errors
  • Total runs: odd or even

This is just a very small example of the types of betting options there are for game props. Your pay per head provider should also have lines for a full set of player props to further build out your MLB postseason board.