Promote Your Expanded Betting Options With Real Bookies

There are still some basic misconceptions when it comes to private bookies. The average sports bettor does not realize how the pay per head industry has completely leveled the playing field between your bookmaking services and the services that a big commercial online sportsbook can offer.

The average bettor may not realize that the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that you can provide will actually enhance their overall sports betting experience.

Finally, the average bettor probably does not understand the high level of sophistication behind the sports betting software solutions you use.

Fortunately, you can turn to Real Bookies to help educate your betting base on everything you have to offer.

Marketing the Real Bookies’ Edge

Once you sign on with Real Bookies as your pay per head provider, you will have easy access to the best the industry has to offer. For more than two decades, the sports betting experts at Real Bookies have been helping bookie agents just like you run and manage a successful private bookie operation. This PPH service is continually investing in the products and services it offers.

Never one to rest on past accomplishments, Real Bookies remains committed to its dual role as an industry pioneer as well as an industry innovator. By using its vast economy of scales as one of the biggest pay per head sites in the game, it can keep your weekly costs down while also raising the bar with its comprehensive approach to online gambling software solutions.

You can use your affiliation with Real Bookies to build and grow your overall customer base. Today’s savvy and educated sports bettors understand the benefits of working with a private bookie.

They also appreciate the fact that you are working with a pay per head site that offers reliable service through a safe and secure internal operating system. Real Bookies has gone the extra mile to rival even the biggest commercial sportsbooks when it comes to powering an online betting platform.

Real Bookies Expanded Betting Options

The best pay per head sites work closely with the same oddsmaking services that the big commercial books rely on for their betting lines. Real Bookies also employs in-house sports betting experts to make sure it is delivering the sharpest lines possible.

Along with sharp lines for all the major betting sports, Real Bookies lets you step out of the box with additional betting options for more than 70 sports leagues on an international basis. Throw in esports, political and entertainment props as well as other pop culture betting options and you can build out an expanded betting board that will easily exceed your customers’ expectations.

You will also maintain complete control of your betting board. You can customize the betting lines for your entire betting base or on an account by account basis if necessary.

Real time business analytics are designed to always keep you way in front of the daily and weekly action coming in. You can instantly move your lines and make changes to your betting board to best suit your business needs.
Real Bookies provides the proper management tools. You decide how to use them to maximize the value in every bet you book.

Whether you are looking to highlight a few reduced juice options, tailor specific parlay plays or expand some specialty props for an upcoming sporting event, Real Bookies can help you build out a betting board that builds both your total handle and bottom-line profit.