Promoting College Basketball Parlays With Pay Per Head Bookie Services

Smart bookies know that the time to strike is when the iron is hot. March is all about college basketball betting in conjunction with the year-end conference tournaments followed by the annual NCAA Tournament as the main event.

As a private bookie, the bulk of the daily action taken in on a full slate of college basketball games most likely leans heavily towards straight bets on the spread and total line. You may even generate some added business on the moneyline odds this time of the year.

College Basketball Conference Parlays

One good way to enhance this action is by promoting parlay bets on each day’s slate. This makes perfect sense during the individual conference tournaments. Teams that have been battling each other during an extended regular season schedule will now face off against one another in a single-elimination competition.

Win and you move on. Losing a game in this tournament usually ends most team’s hopes of advancing to the NCAA Tournament. This creates some high drama for the majority of these games.

Promoting parlays down to the conference level is bound to strike up some added interest throughout your customer base. Even the top teams in the major conferences that are already guaranteed a spot in the 68-team field for the Big Dance have something on the line in this warm-up event.

Specialized Parlay Odds

Working closely with your pay per head site for fast and sharp betting lines, you can setup your college basketball board with a few specialty parlay plays. You can tweak the return on the betting odds slightly higher for a designated parlay play. This way, your customer can get a better return if they win but they have to use the two or three designated teams in the parlay play.

A natural way to do this is by grouping conference teams. You could offer an East Coast special with two or three ACC teams. The top Midwest parlay play could cover the Big Ten. Fans of late-night West Coast games might want to take advantage of a specialized grouping of two to three teams from the Pac-12.

Another idea would to use some of the games from the smaller conferences. You could post a Mid-Major Championship Parlay by grouping together two or three smaller conference tournament title games.

The best thing about working with the right pay per head bookie services provider is using the power of suggestion to promote a bigger daily and weekly handle across your entire betting base. More revenue on parlay plays is a proven way to expand the overall hold percentage on that added action. Enhancing the parlay odds in the bettor’s favor should seal the deal.

NCAA Tournament Parlay Play

By using Championship Week and the conference tournaments for added action on college basketball parlays, you are setting the table for the main course. The first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament are the biggest feast. The first Thursday and Friday of action trims a 64-team field in half with 16 games each day. The second round over Saturday and Sunday sets the stage for the following week’s Sweet 16 with just 16 teams left. From there, the field is halved again to the Elite 8 and then to the Final 4. This progression to the championship game provides ample opportunity to entice bettors with multiple parlay plays.