Properly Managing Your Betting Board With Pay Per Head

The term pay per head has become synonymous with bookie services. This mainly consists of the software solutions needed to run and manage your private bookie business online. You could never afford to develop and maintain the necessary software solutions on your own. It would be too cost prohibitive.

By signing on with a quality pay per head site, you are basically leasing everything you need to run an independent book online. This business model charges one low weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers.

Basically, you only have to pay for what you use. Another big plus is that the best PPH services do not have any minimums in place when it comes to active bettors. However, many of the sites offer volume discounts on the per head fees once your active customer base reaches a certain size.

Along with processing all the daily online transactions in a safe, secure and reliable manner, a pay per head site is your primary source for building out your betting board. They can provide sharp lines and odds for all the betting options you need when you need them.

Building Out Your Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Your PPH service can provide betting lines for more than 80 different sports on a global scale. However, it is still completely up to you to build and maintain your own betting board. You can stick to the basics or rival the biggest commercial online sportsbooks in the industry.

What you really need to do is meet the needs of your entire customer base. You never want to risk losing even one bet with a customer that went someplace else for the action they could not find from you.

A big part of the bookie services a top-rated pay per head site provides are the proper business tools to manage your betting options. The goal is to always stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to the daily and weekly action coming in.

The most profitable independent bookmakers are the ones that have created a very high level of control. It is far easier to capitalize on an opportunity ahead of time as opposed to dealing with issues after the fact.

Managing Your Betting Board With Pay Per Head

As mentioned, you need certain business tools to properly manage your betting board. Real time business analytics let you move down to the account level to track action and current positions. You will have the ability to instantly adjust betting and credit limits on a case by case basis.

You will also have instant edit capability when it comes to moving your betting lines and making changes to your betting board. Once again, the goal here is to stay way out in front of the action coming in. This is the best way to turn increased revenue into increased net profit.

Many of the best pay per head services offer professional business services along with their software solution products. Having a trusted source for business support takes away some of the isolation that comes with running and managing your own private book.

You should be able to view your bookie services provider as a silent business partner that always has your best interests top of mind. They understand that their long-term financial health is directly tied to the long-term success of the bookie agents they serve.