Pushing the NHL Moneyline with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The calendar has turned the page to October. This marks the start of the second month of football in the college ranks and the NFL. It also marks the start of the MLB playoffs and the march to the World Series as the grand finale of the baseball betting season. Third on the list would be the start of a new season of hockey in the NHL.

Most private bookies trying to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook are all in on football, while also coming up with ways to spark some more interest in the MLB postseason. This is the time of the year when you have to stop and take a look at your plans to make the NHL a bigger part of the overall mix.

NHL Offerings

The status of the NHL for your individual bookmaking business can range from nonexistent on one end of the spectrum to a self-contained thriving enterprise with a large following of sports bettors on the other. If you are not taking in any action for NHL games, that can be an easy fix by simply working closely with your Pay Per Head online bookie software provider to build out your NHL board. If you are a private bookie that has done well with NHL betting in the past, you will also want to work closely with your price per head shop to come up with ways to expand and grow this business.

No matter where your private bookie business falls when it comes to either end of the spectrum for NHL betting, there are some things you can do now to avoid leaving money on the table. Having some sort of NHL business plan from the very start of a new NHL season will pay some big dividends down the road when things really start to slow down in late spring. Once sports bettors know that you are taking action on hockey games, it become far easier to expand that base than starting from scratch after the football season ends.

Full-Service Private Bookmaker

Sports bettors by nature are creatures of habit. Once they are betting on a sport at one online outlet, it becomes very hard to change those betting patterns down the road. It is easy to understand a private bookmaker viewing the NHL as a small piece of the overall profit puzzle, but your overall goal should be positioning yourself as a full-service private bookmaker that can meet all of your customer’s demands.

The two most basic ways to bet on NHL games is using the moneyline and the total line. Utilizing each is also a way to start small and keep things as basic as possible when you are trying to build weekly action for this sport. You can always adjust and expand accordingly based on any advanced requests from specialty bettors.

The moneyline bet exists in a number of major sports, but it is primarily linked to betting on baseball and hockey. You could create some interest for the NHL moneyline by providing ‘dime lines’ for the games. This simply means that you keep the spread between the favorite and the underdog in any matchup to just 10 percent. If you are leery about losing money offering dime lines, then you can always put a cap on the maximum bet.

The best part about being a private bookie is the ability to set and move your lines as well as change the offerings on your board to best suit your individual business needs. There may be some trial and error in the process if hockey is a relatively new foray for your bookie business. However, if you stick around long enough you will come to understand that anything related to bookmaking that you can make money on is important to the bottom line.