Quebec City | An untapped Gambling Paradise

Quebec City, Quebec, is a very large city that sits cattycorner between Montreal and Bangor Main and is the capital of Quebec. Most folks simply don’t realize that this city is over 705,000 in population, it’s a very big place with tons of winter sport and great summers. There are many sporting venues in Quebec City such as “Stade Canac Stadium”-home of the Quebec Capitals baseball team. Of course, hockey abounds in this great city as well as semi-pro basketball, women’s tennis, Grand Prix auto racing and much more. Quebec City thrives on tourism, the arts, and public service industries. Casinos exist in Quebec and although mostly in Montreal, you must remember, Montreal is a hop and a skip away. The Quebec City sports fans support the Montreal teams and they love to gamble. There is a shortage of great bookmakers and this is Where you come in as a bookie! Get your pay per head up and operational now and Quebec City will earn you a small fortune.

How can a pay per head help a bookie?

A pay per head is a ready built, turnkey operation that provides the bookie with an online sportsbook, racebook , and casino. A pay per head – is an online sportsbook. What you have with a pay per head is your very own web presence. Now, your players can dial up your sportsbook online and place wagers from wherever they are in the world.

The pay per head does all the work of a bookie.

  1. They take care of the accounting through printable reports. You now have the power to see exactly where and how every dollar is spent, when every dollar came in, when ever dollar left and who the money was paid to.
  2. Through the use of player reports, you now have the ability to see who is up on the house, who is down and by exactly how much. You can now limit your players with pinpoint accuracy. No longer do you have to worry about a “sharp” player running amuck and killing you before you can stop the bleeding.
  3. The pay per head offers you an online casino with total control of your players, the player bonuses, the play-through and all that is attached to a real-time, Las Vegas style casino.
  4. Now you have a world-class racebook that offers the best tracks from around the world, to the tune of 75+. Horse players are the best to have because they are faithful. If you offer them a quality place to play and pay out on time, they will forever be faithful to you.
  5. The pay per head takes care of all the daily sports offerings, whatever sport it is that you decide to place in your sportsbook, the PPH will accommodate you with the daily lines and odds, including futures, and prop wagers.
  6. No longer will it be necessary to stay up all hours of the night grading bet slips. The bookie software takes care of all the grading and any disputes that your players may have. The wagers are graded within 5-minutes of the events ending.
  7. The PPH offers a guaranteed security system that insures your players information is protected at all cost. You also receive the assurance that your site will always be up and operational.
  8. Customer service is of utmost importance to a great PPH. They not only want to serve your needs, but the needs of your client. Find a PPH that offers a toll-free number that can be accessed from Quebec City.

In Quebec city, the players are demanding but loyal. Win them once, and you have won them forever. Players are demanding better and this market is hot. Now is the time to find a fantastic PPH provider that’s offering a free trial and one that will let you test drive the software before purchasing. If you are a bookie looking to earn a six-figure income, then you must act now. The high season is close and now is the time to make the leap. Stop going this alone, let a white label pay per head change the lives of your clients and most importantly, yours.